Preserving herbs

Preserving herbs is one of the best disciplines against food wastage – How many times have you realised a half bunch of leftover herbs was past it!? Here’s a gorgeous and simple way to get all that rosemary to work and stored for later. I tend not to preserve in Olive oil or nut oils, because you’re then limited to using it cold. If you preserve in butter, ghee or coconut oil, you’ve then got the flexibility of using hot or cold!

Garlic and Rosemary Preserved “Ice” cubes (swap out rosemary for any other fresh herb you want to preserve)

Preserving Herbs Formula



  • Pulverise the garlic cloves and then mix with the rosemary leaves and chosen oil.
  • Spoon into ice cube tray and freeze. Remove from tray and pop in jars, bowls or whatever. You’re done.

How to use

  • Pop 3-4 cubes into a roasting tray and melt the oil. Toss your veggies of choice into the pan and roast.
  • Pop a cube inside a roasting chook to create a delicious aroma.

Other tips

  • preserve chillis by blending them with coconut oil or ghee and popping in a jar in the fridge!

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  1. I just freeze my herbs as they are and use them frozen to flavour dishes (but obviously not to garnish!). It works a treat and takes as long as two quick steps to the freezer door.

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