Quit guilt. Get excited.

I sat on a panel this week at Think Act Change, a monthly meet up which is the brain child of Avis Mulhall, passionate change maker. I was joined by the change making Justin Bonsoy, Sally Hill and the inimitable Costa Georgiadis. What a man, what a man. It was an amazing evening. The topic was “Consuming less in a time of excess”. We offered our tips and built a conversation with the audience as opposed to speaking the whole time, and that particular element was beautiful. So many ideas and challenges presented. What I love most about being challenged by someone with my big ideas and idealistic tendency – yes, I’ll admit it, i am a shameless idealist – is that it forces me to up my way of explaining. It makes me try and create a simpler message and devise little actions that make it possible for anyone and everyone to up the anti a little. If we don’t get mindful about consumption now, boy oh boy are our grand kids going to be in a pickle and knee deep in landfill.

It brings me to the subject of guilt.

Don’t feel guilty about yesterday’s takeaway coffee cup.

Don’t feel guilty about yesterday’s plastic bag.

Don’t feel guilty for yesterday’s plastic water bottle.

Feel excited instead. Bear with me. Every piece of plastic that’s ever been made, with the exception of a small percentage that’s been incinerated, still exists. Every straw. Every plastic cutlery set. Every plastic bag. Every plastic container. Every piece still exists.

Be excited about changing from disposables to reusables. Get excited about the retail therapy of choosing reusables that fit your style and match your mood.

Be excited about being part of the solution, and no longer part of the problem.

You might be at the level where, starting to deny yourself a takeaway coffee if you forget your reusable cup, is your next thing you can implement. You might be at the stage where you are moving your company’s product from being non biodegradable to biodegradable. You might be a government leader brave enough to implement a plastic bag ban.

Whatever level you’re at and which ever goals you’re setting yourself to kick, never focus on yesterday’s guilt. Only tomorrow’s excitement for a better world.

Low Tox. Happy Bodies. Happy Planet.

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  1. Great positive message Alexx. I have left my beloved Tupperware takeaway cup down the coast… so today I am going to have a hunt through the recycling to see if there’s a disposable one there.

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