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I was wondering after seeing some horrible meal service commercial on TV, whether there was anyone out there who actually got it right in the land of meal delivery services. I knew of a couple of lovely gourmet delivery meal services, but on the wellness and ‘real’ healthy eating focused front, it seemed all options were still in low fat la la land serving up additive laden foods often high starch to boot, or you then had all the juice fast businesses.

Literally at the time of my pondering, Eat Fit Food wrote to me to see if I’d like to try a 2 day detox menu and a selection of every day dinners. After looking at their site and being particularly busy with work, writing, family and trying to get everything done for an impending holiday I said, you know what? Let’s have a little look shall we!? The food I received was free, in the spirit of reviewing, however I have absolutely not been paid nor given any additional benefits for reviewing their menu. I was so glad I did say yes and can now boast having enjoyed the same menu items as Hugh Jackman getting in shape for Wolverine and Miranda Kerr for staying her beautiful self.

BIANCA MONLEY founder and director of EAT FIT FOOD, started the business in 2002; she was only 22 at the time. Initially Bianca started cooking from home for a few of her friends from the gym where she worked, and from there things grew rapidly. I just love that at 22 she was brave enough to start this, seeing it was necessary. She came from a family restaurant back ground and simply couldn’t understand why people were starving themselves with bland diet food combinations, when healthy eating and wellness foods should taste delicious – My thoughts exactly! 

They use ethical meats, keep things as local as possible, no trans fats, no GM ingredients, plenty of healthy fats such as coconut, olive oil and avocado, all dressings are made from scratch, zero additives, organic where possible and are even in the throws of committing to completely eco friendly delivery packaging. They’re a business that cares about what people eat passionately and also about the planet. Also great, is that the food is genuinely delicious. Even for me who absolutely loves to cook (had you guessed?) and demands deliciousness at every meal like a good French girl, I was never once thinking that there was a sense of sacrifice on deliciousness. Honestly.

Over the two day detox diet I had beautiful veggie dips made from puréed steamed or roasted veggies with spices, crudités, fresh barramundi that was truly delicious, perfectly cooked Thai chicken with all the authentic accompaniments, 3 different salads, with care taken to make the vegetables and dressing different flavours to keep things exciting, raw chocolate bliss balls, fresh squeezed fruit + veggie juice combos and a beautiful frittata. The whole menu was gluten free and I loved it. Being the nurturing type who cooks for everyone all the time, I rather enjoyed receiving my little portions and treats to unravel over the course of the two days. If you have a punishing week coming, or a sick child, it’s nice to think of such a service that is there to look after YOU and get you through, if cooking sometimes falls to the bottom of the pile from sheer lack of energy. Even I am realistic on that front for city living!

For the other dinners I tried, there was a lovely slow cooked beef and tomato casserole with zucchini, Harrissa-crusted barramundi and roast potatoes with steamed veggies (to which I must say I added butter, of course for vitamin absorption) and a chicken, pumpkin and snow pea stir fry. All great and would have been happy paying for any of them, I can honestly say.

Their delivery system was wonderful and being someone who never would normally outsource my cooking, it is very nice to know that if I find myself in a pickle for whatever reason, EAT FIT FOOD is at hand and definitely passes my test. The only things I’d add if I were to use them regularly, are cultured veggies, my home made stock which I drink as a ‘cup o’ soup’ almost daily and raw milk cheese and I’d avoid the brown rice or legume dishes as they’re not soaked and I don’t do well on them, but given their menus have so many choices, it’s not hard to go towards your perfect preference mix.

If you’re Sydney or Melbourne based and lead a highly busy life needing help on the food front from time to time, rest assured these guys really know what they’re doing and the food is really divine and brings a true feeling of well being. Check out their beautiful raw desserts, gluten free bircher with coconut yoghurt and barramundi options. So yummy!


EFF RAW Desserts_H crop


Gluten free bircher muesli with coconut yoghurt, passionfruit, chia and goji berries_H

Barramundi with salsa verde, asparagus, peas, zuchinni & pumpkin puree_H crop

Their details: 




Giveaway time – NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU!

For anyone living in Sydney or Melbourne wanting to give Eat Fit Food a go and ordering within the next week, you have a $20 off unique code to use, issued to me. ‘lowtox’ is your magic code – original, hey?

For anyone again living in Sydney or Melbourne wanting to WIN 1 FREE DETOX DAY MENU of all meals for a day delivered to you to enjoy, simply register your interest in the comments here, and we’ll draw a winner from it and notify you via email on Wednesday the 26th June. 


Good luck to those entering and here’s to real food – as sometimes blissfully prepared by someone else! If you’re in other cities and wanted to give a shout out to great additive free, healthful meal delivery services, feel free. I’m sure there are more in other parts of the world, but for any other Australian capital cities, I believe Eat Fit Food might not be too far away from you, yet.

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  1. Good to know, I spend part of the week in Sydney and sometimes don’t have time to stock the fridge – shall keep in mind! Thanks.

  2. Thanks for writing about Eat Fit Food Alex. My fiancee and I both work full time and trying to fit in exercise, healthy and organic meals can become time consuming and result in us eating quite late. This would be a great option and the food just looks delicious! I would love to try it 🙂

    1. Post

      You’re super welcome Emily – sounds like you guys could really use EFF from time to time, so I’m happy to have shared it! Sorry your name didn’t come out of the hat this time 🙂

  3. I would love to try a meal service, I work full time and cook 3 meals a day for 4 – 6 people and it gets tres boring!! I sometimes get very tired of eating “my food” and would love to just try “someone else’s cooking” (someone else who is very good at cooking)! PS I drank too much last night at a fundraiser (there wasn’t any real food on offer) and I seriously need the detox today!

    1. Post

      Jayne – All the names went into my little hat (seriously, I do do that!) and yours was the one that came out. Email [email protected] to claim your detox day. I’ll also let her know you won it! Congrats and thanks for entering 🙂

  4. That sounds awesome! I am just in the process of making more and more lifestyle changes for my family. I cook everyday and predominantly organic, conscious about sustainability and healthy. However there is usually a few days a week where I lack inspiration as well as time…Eat Fit Food sounds like the choice for those days! Cheers

    1. Post

      Christa – thanks for entering. Unfortunately no win this time, but seems like your family is winning with all the changes you’re making. That’s awesome. Keep EFF tucked away for that week where you thing ARGH!!! 🙂

  5. We’re based in Sydney and with baby no 3 on the way, I would very much appreciate sampling a day of Eat Fit Food’s detox menu – chances are I’ll need more of this healthy food at my finger tips and for my whole family down the track especially given my husband is super health conscious… and I do my best to please. Thanks for the heads up on this company Alexx!

    1. Post

      Good luck with baby number 3 Natasha. Amazing. Sorry you haven’t won the giveaway this time and have a fab rest of the week!

  6. OMG as a single working Mummy who is time poor, and in my free time try to exercise as much as I can I would LURRRRRVE an opportunity to try eat fit food’s! It looks fresh and tasty and it would give me a day where I didn’t have to worry or think about food prep, which would make me do a HAPPPPPPY dance 🙂

    Thanks, Shelley!

    1. Post

      Hi Shelley, Your name unfortunately didn’t come out of my little hat that I use but feel free to use that $20 code ‘lowtox’ with them to get a good discount on a couple of days if you need it! Thanks for reading 🙂

  7. Have actually ordered a 10 day detox which starts tomorrow – can’t wait to try all the food. The descriptions are certainly mouthwatering and the pictures look fabulous. I’m going onto a week of nights for work and always have to do a massive cook up the day before I start otherwise I end up eating total crap. SO for convenience its certainly a winner and I love the idea that the food is delivered fresh more regularly rather than getting a bunch of frozen things delivered once a week.

    1. Post

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