Real Food Rockstar: Patricia Bragg

It’s not often that you happen upon a Real Food Rockstar of international fame. Patricia Bragg of Bragg apple cider vinegar and all their other delicious things arrived at the wonderful Wholefoods House just as I’d ducked in to grab some supplies. Turns out she was here touring and happened to be doing a demo. Awesome.

If you don’t know much about the history of Bragg and the amazing health crusading father and daughter the website is a wonderful resource on all sorts of amazing health related topics, with video demos and messages from Patricia.

She has been nutritionist to some famous people over the decades – Clint Eastwood, Tom Selleck, The Beach Boys (got them off drugs and alcohol!), Madonna’s daughter Lourdes… she even bought Katy Perry singing lessons and a guitar at the age of 12 because she saw her potential. She sure loved telling that story! What did she tell Katy the condition was for the lessons?

“Now you’re going to have to practice. No use in doing something once a week and expecting results” – Don’t you just love that lil’ truth bomb? We live in a time where we crave immediacy, yet nothing is immediate. Everything we want to manifest, requires our commitment, determination and our patience .

It was wonderful to meet her and have a chat. Such a superstar with a life surrounded by fame – a societal elite if you will, but what is she determined to do? She’s determined to visit cute little neighbourhood stores in every corner of the world and continue her health crusade, instead of chilling out on the porch chatting to Clint Eastwood. Awesome.

She finished with ‘the world needs people like us, brave enough to use our voice to say the things that might not always be popular, but are helpful, true and needed’. I was so moved. Got goosebumps!

She’s made an impact this tiny dynamo of a woman. Amazing to chat to someone who has been a health crusader for nearly 7 decades. Now that’s commitment and determination.

Your health is your wealth as Patricia says and it certainly doesn’t look like she’s tiring of explaining that any time soon!



So their flagship product is their Bragg raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. It’s so delicious in dressings, added to panfried fish and for a quick energy water for the gym I do a couple of teaspoons of Bragg, a pinch of sea salt, a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of stevia. Amazing.

But beyond the culinary purposes, it has unbelievable health giving properties, both healing and preventative. These are what I’ve used it for!

  • digestive system kickstart in the morning. a couple of teaspoons in filtered water before anything else.
  • stomach acid production encouragement to improve overall digestion
  • hair build up remover. Apply to hair and scalp. Leave in 20 minutes and shampoo (with natural stuff of course) as normal for squeaky clean hair. Some people report only using ACV and no shampoo at all. Up to you to see what’s best for you.
  • A sore throat gargle, diluting by half in filtered water with a pinch or two of celtic sea salt in there too, to zap any throat lurgies getting fancy ideas of making a home on your tonsils!
  • It can help kill a tummy bug if it’s giving you ‘the ‘runs’ with its antibiotic properties.

Do you have something to add that you use Apple cider vinegar for? Share here in the comments.

Next time you reach for the Bragg at your local health shop or market, you’ll now know that it was a magnetic 5 foot nothin’ dynamo of a woman behind every bottle that truly wants us all to live our best life!

Certainly made my day!

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Real Food. Healthy bodies.

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  1. It really does help gout! Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar cured mine Its also very very good as a hair rinse it reduces frizz and combats dandruff and sebhorrhic dermatitis. I use it on my sons eczema as well and if the kids get a ringworm and for athletes foot. LOL I use it for everything it even takes the itch out of mosquito bites and dries cold sores out within a day. Braggs ACV is awesome!

  2. On the rare occasion that I get a UTI flare up, I take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (i always use bragg :)) and one teaspoon of bicarb in a glass of water every two hours until its gone. It works quickly, and it eliminates the need to go to a doctor to get antibiotics!

  3. I also love Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and use it in bone broths to help pull minerals from the bones (1 tbsp/litre of water), 1 teaspoon in water in the morning before eating, as part of a salad dressing with olive oil, salt and pepper, together with bicarb of soda in cakes and pikelets to make them rise, washed on a skin infection and as a rinse through hair instead of conditioner. These are the main things we use it for.

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