René Redzepi: On bringing NOMA to Australia and my subsequent brain tangents

If you’re into food, keeping up to date with chefs and restaurant news, you might have heard that René Redzepi yesterday announced that he was bringing his famed NOMA restaurant to Australia for a month, January 2016.

Watch his video HERE. 

Why am I sharing this here you might be wondering?

Because of this sentence:

We’re here to learn from the Australian landscape. I found that sentence really stopped me and made me think about it’s wider meaning. It got me to think about 2 things.

1. Humans are always after new things, but in modern context, we believe we should not only be able to travel somewhere and get it, but also get it when we’re back home – produce out of season, chips from Spain, crackers from America… While it’s beautiful to appreciate flavours and things from faraway land (one of my favourite things to do by the way!) could we be better at appreciating what we have around us when we’re back home? Could we be better at farming what grows and thrives well here, instead of trying to make things grow out of climate or season? Could we be more inventive when there is seasonal surplus, instead of forcing farmers often to waste it? If one of the best chefs in the world thinks Australia is a land full of rich and magical flavours, could we do better to celebrate this mre often and more commonly too rather than reserving it for the setting of fine dining?

2. We’re here to learn from the Australian landscape… We humans have much to learn from our landscapes, wherever we live in the world – What makes landscapes thrive, what doesn’t… Our landscape and natural sounds has the answer to the overall planet’s health. Us living on that landscape means we depend directly on her health to be healthy and prosper too. That made me think about tuning into nature more often, to let it teach us things. If we really tune into nature, we don’t just see the beauty, but we also see her pain, suffering, congestion… walking down the street and looking at the rubbish around tree bases, congestion from coffee cups and plastic bags in drains… she’s struggling. She needs our help to continue prospering. If we think of the human body as being able to cope only with so many toxins or so much junk before retaliating with illness, or planet will do the same but it doesn’t have to. We can step in…

Funny how a simple chef’s announcement can create cause for a pause and make you have a little think, hey?

I’ve made a date with my son to clean up the street this Friday. We’ve not done it in a while and it needs it pretty badly. Then, Im’ going to plan a “100% Australian dinner party” where no so much as a salt, spice, olive, coconut, quinoa or other is allowed to come from overseas. Meat and veg and olive oil is something I think about all the time, and while I always check for Australian made versions / options before choosing something, it will be interesting to take a deeper look at the rest and see what I discover for inspiration in the process.

Who wants to join us, grab a bag, and clean up our beautiful landscapes this week? Judging from my street this week, it needs our help getting clean so that it can continue to prosper.

rubbish cleaning little man

I’ll create a little hashtag if you want to link up online #cleanstreetpeeps 

And one last thing – the beautiful title image comes from the Truffled Chef blog. Maybe one day I’ll get a pic of my own with Rene.

Real food. Working with nature and on her behalf,

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