Sea Veggies – 6 reasons you need them in your pantry!

Sea Veggies! WOW, these puppies are packed with nutrients and today, I figured out a super easy way to incorporate these nutritious little numbers into a very easy and rather delicious, nourishing soup which you can get the recipe for here! The kind of soup that makes you want to say ‘pass me the halo sister, i win the health contest & it tasted goooood’!

Most of us are a little  unsure how to use Sea Veggies creatively, other than a few extra bits of nori in a cup of miso, or some dulse flakes sprinkled through guacamole. After doing a little research and learning of the variety of ways that sea veggies can make us feel fabulous & age gracefully, my enthusiasm and curiosity are renewed & I am in experimentation mode!


A few reasons to ramp up the sea veg:

1. Nutritional density: I know I go on about this a lot, but in terms of true satiety, eating high nutrient food is the go go. Western foods are so often starved of nutrients, and as a result, so many constantly feel like they’re starving, and hungry all the time, even if they eat loads. Incorporating super foods such as sea veggies is such a delicious way to help our bodies feel nourished. The additional bonus where sea veggies are concerned, is that they are incredibly nutrient dense, but very very low in calories indeed. Women everywhere say: YAY!

2. Very strong evidence building that they’re good for lowering the incidence of high blood pressure & stroke: In areas where the men and women ate high amounts of seaweeds in their diets, the incidence of high blood pressure & stroke were very low.

3. Fab for keeping healthy iodine levels & detoxing radiation: Our world is one big, gentle cloud of radiation. XRays, Ultrasounds, Mammograms, Smart Phones, Chemo, Nuclear fall outs… you name it, you cannot escape all forms. Sea veggies give us fabulously easy access to bio available iodine & sodium alginates, which cleverly bind with radioactive strontium to pass it out of our intestinal tracts through our poop. I know what I’m eating the next time I need an XRay!!

4. A brilliant supplement for mum’s whose boobs are busy feeding little ones & for people who are generally overly busy and trying to keep their thyroids in check: especially if you are vegan, vego, dairy free or eat a diet heavily based on grain. these puppies are packed with calcium, iron, all the B’s, C, magnesium, potassium, iodine – what’s not to love?

5. A great way to sneak additional nutrients into foods for fussy eaters like in mash, guacamole, soups, salad dressing, casseroles, without having to ‘eat seaweed’ – especially if you have a little one refusing meat and dairy on occasion or always. Especially excellent for this are Dulse Flakes, which are known to my little toddler as ‘purple sprinkles’ and we put them on and in everything – sometimes he even gets to do the sprinkles! Genius.

6. They contain lignans, a potent and well known anti-cancer plant compound.

These guys sell a brilliant range of sea veggies, harvested and processed the gentlest way possible & they list fantastic tips for how to use, as well as specific nutritional value of each type. & has great information about each of the different types & recipes also.


Remember to give the soup a go here & if you’re doing anything exciting with Sea veggies be sure to share!

Bon Apétit!


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      totally agree, although probably mineral moreso – especially with all the minerals taken out of the soil these days in conventional farming 🙂

  1. Hey Alexx

    I throw Wakame into my bone broth for added punch. And, I have bookmarked your super soup recipe. Yum!

    (BTW – I’m the chicken foot chick from the MINDD seminar on Saturday.)

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