Super Simple Seedy Snack Bar

The snack – it’s a modern invention. It’s what marketers call ‘occasion marketing’ where they name an occasion, sell the idea to you, and then sell you stuff to have on that occasion. People fill their carts with as many snacks as they do meal time foods and half the time, unbeknownst to the busy shopper, they’re packed with additives and void of any nutrients.

As long as the world has growing children and busy days, there will be some sort of need for snacks in our modern world on occasion. Reclaiming your snacks with nutritious Real Food options is what needs to happen.

I have a post with some fab snack ideas here if you’d like to take a look. If not, let’s move it right along as I bring you a very easy snack bar that you can make yourself – and I’m really not just saying that! It’s nut free too, so you can send your kids to school or to play dates with them, without fearing nut free zones and allergies. It lasts a good week in the pantry, meaning you can double this batch if you have a larger family, and not worry! Another week and it doesn’t go ‘off’, it just gets a bit chewy, rather than crunchy. Enjoy.

Real Food. Happy bodies.

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Super Simple Seedy Snack Bar Recipe



  • Measure your seeds and have them ready.
  • Melt the butter and rice syrup in a medium pan until they bubble and go a little golden. About 1 minute once bubbling.
  • Add the cinnamon if you’re using and stir it in.
  • Add the seeds, turning the heat off, combining the caramel with the seeds, just roughly for a few seconds.
  • Pour the mixture out onto baking / parchment paper and press into a rectangular shape with your hands. The seeds should be as tightly packed in as possible, so that they stick when they cool.
  • Refrigerate to set for 30 minutes.
  • Cut bars, or break bits off and I challenge you not to think 'WOW. That was actually really easy!' You can also check out a delicious Coconut & Cranberry variation here.


The 1 cup of seed mix ratio is totally flexible. You could add a few chias, toasted sesame seeds, do just sunflower seeds… just beware sesame seeds for nut free zones though, as peanut allergy sufferers can sometimes be allergic to sesame as well!
If you’re allergic or don’t eat butter or ghee, you could use coconut oil, but it doesn’t create as adhesive a caramel. Still delicious though and great little ‘cluster’ vibe, so it would be fab for a trail mix container.
If you want a more brittle texture with no ‘chew’, take your caramel a little further by another half minute or so on the stove top. This makes a delicious crunchy breakky topping if you break the cooled down bits up over yoghurt.
Finally, I always activate nuts and seeds when I can - batching is great because you can then do it every couple of months. It removes the anti nutrients that are present in them in their raw state, and makes all their goodies available to our bodies. Got to be a good thing, right? So it's exactly the same as activating almonds, for activating seeds, and you can check that out here. It's actually 3 minutes work, despite the '24 hour process' - Don't be scared off by that and think of the positives!

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      Oh Marie – well spotted thank goodness you saw it as an already-lover of the recipe! Added the 3tbsp back in. We recently undertook the epic task of moving everything over to a recipe app so that all the recipes are printable and there was no ‘copy paste’ about it unfortunately.

      Thanks again for spotting that!

      Alexx x

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