Show #103: Belinda Davidson on being a medium, chakras and deep healing


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And onto this week’s show!

Imagine just working through your emails and Gregoire from 1789 comes trotting past you with a smile – don’t know about you but I would NOT get much work done if that were to happen to me. This week on the show I interview a psychic – the modern mystic Belinda Davidson. What a special conversation this is and I was quite taken aback by how pragmatic and non woo woo Belinda was. It’s not every day that we get to spend time understanding how life must be when you’ve got a foot in our world, and another foot somewhere else. Belinda doesn’t ascribe to any particular religious or spiritual tradition. She simply shares her insights and expertise to help you discover your soul, stay connected to it, and boldly live your unique and magnificent soul purpose. To thine own self be true, is her life motto. She is DEFINITELY not a newbie intuitive or spiritual coach who just popped up last week. Belinda was born psychic, and has been working as a professional intuitive for more than twenty years. And when she used to give readings, she had a two-year waitlist.

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Here are the questions I asked Belinda (and a few extra ones where we went on delicious tangents – you guys know how I love those, right?)

  1. What’s it like to be psychic?

  2. What do you remember about your childhood in relation to everything you’ve come to do so far in your work? Little aha’s that it turns out not everyone could see or do as you did…

  3. Was being psychic as a child a gift or a curse?

  4. Can you read people even if they’re not physically with you? How do you find the strongest readings of people come / happen? Is there a pattern to the circumstance?

  5. Can you consciously decide to not read someone and by consequence simply not ‘see’ anything when chatting?

  6. You say you’ve one foot in this world and one foot in another… What other realms do you experience?

  7. You’ve found a way to hone exactly what it is about your own gifts that can best serve others and you see your “life purpose as helping people change their energy to heal their lives”. What does that look like in your day to day work?

  8. In changing people’s energy, do you work with chakras?

  9. What are the principals of chakra balancing / healing that you most love?

  10. If in certain parts of our lives aren’t working properly it’s because a chakra isn’t working properly, how much can we rely on this? Is this for day to day tweaking? I’d imagine the nay sayer saying “oh yes, I’m going to chakra clear instead of get my ankle surgery. SURE” – There’s a place for acute care AND chakra healing to work together / complement, surely?

  11. You speak about your enlightened moment/meditation and our purpose being to recognise that we are light when darkness is all around us – that can be hard sometimes with a sensation of everything darkening around us all the time – more death, more threats of war, more hate speech and on and on… how do we best protect our lightness in today’s world?

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Find out more about Belinda Davidson and her book “From Dark to Light” at

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Grab Belinda’s book on the above mentioned website of hers.

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Comments 3

  1. I absolutely loved this podcast. Everything you both talk about resonates with me and I downloaded and did the chakra cleanse straight away – what a feeling!! Thank you!

  2. Wow! Such a powerful podcast. It was as if Belinda was speaking directly to me. I’ve been on search for something and I never knew what it was until I heard this podcast. Amazing! Thanks Alexx for introducing me to Belinda. Your timing was impeccable.

  3. I’m really enjoying listening to ALL your podcasts Alexx – in no particular order and am making changes to my life – sometimes little steps, sometimes big. I’ve just been overseas however and it really just had to mostly go out the window while I was away and am now re-establishing my changes and settling my body back into feeling great. Thank you for these wonderful podcasts!

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