Show #107: FAQs on holistic dentistry with Dr Lewis Ehrlich – Part 1


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And onto this week’s show!

Dr Lewis Ehrlich is a highly sought after holistic dentist who graduated from James Cook University (JCU) with the Academic Medal. With a background in professional sport and his passion for holistic health, Lewis focuses on the link between oral health and general overall health in his practice – it’s why you’ll never hear a bandaid solution for an oral health concern in my interviews with him!

Before studying dentistry, he completed a Bachelor of Science at Northeastern University in Boston, USA after receiving a soccer scholarship where he played for 2 years. He then moved to Reykjavik, Iceland where he played professional soccer before moving into dentistry and now practicing at Sydney Holistic Dental.

This show, part 1 of two that I’m recording with Dr Lewis, is the result of my asking the Low tox club chat group and alumni course groups if they had any ongoing concerns and questions about oral health – from teeth (grinding / enamel / cavities) to gums to oral microbiome to jaws to treatments and appliances and preventative health. There I was thinking I was going to be doing a show on grinding and appliance options with ‘a few’ questions from you guys but when 100+ questions quickly presented themselves, I changed tack and turned it into a two part “All your holistic dentistry questions” answered. So in this show, part 1, we talk about tooth enamel – when it’s weakened / why / what to do as well as various apparatuses you might be thinking about using be it metal wires, myo brace, invisalign, silicon and plastic plates and spacers etc. 



Here are the questions answered in this first FAQ with Lewis and we twist and tangent on all things oral care in between:

On the enamel… 

  1. My daughter has crap enamel. Tips to improve? She was recommended tooth mousse but has casein ( to which she is allergic). We do do cod liver oil ( Nordic naturals). We were also recommended the clear protective coating that lasts a few years, I believe it’s made of plastic though! Would love to know more about that also.

  2. Why do we see such an influx of kids with hypoplasia (enamel not formed properly) and what are the REAL causes?! I just can’t quite believe that it is something that happened in utero because the mother was ill or antibiotics may have played a part (neither applied to me and yet one of my kids has a severe case of hypoplasia). I know sooooo many kids with this problem, is there any new research that can pin point the cause of this yet? Maybe environmental causes (wouldn’t it be crazy if we all found out it was an everyday toxin that caused this in this generation of kids). This is a really heartbreaking story for us, my son is only 7 and so conscious of his teeth and we are constantly at the specialist dentists, feeding him the best food possible etc.

  3. I also really want to know about hypoplasia! Is there anything we can do to improve it and strengthen the teeth? Is there some kind if plan we can follow to avoid lots of decay in the future? My daughter had perfect baby teeth and her new teeth have all started coming out blotchy and with discoloured patches. Poor thing is so self conscious already. Thanks for giving us the chance to ask.

  4. Wanting to know about crap enamel and fluoride – is tooth mousse and fluoride in water REALLY necessary?

  5. We went and saw Lewis Ehrlich for my son and he recommended tooth mousse to help improve his enamel but then our current paediatric dentist (not a holistic one) said he doesn’t believe the product is necessary and strongly advised to use fluoride to help strengthen the enamel. I would like to know the best option to help strengthen enamel low tox or not.

  6. I’m also very interested in hearing more about reversing and/or preventing demineralisation, particularly for women post birth. Seems to be a problem for many.

  7. Best treatment if any for fluorosis? And is the the prevention of this just avaoiding fluoride consumption?

  8. My 5 year old daughter has only ever used natural fluoride free tooth paste. She has spots on her teeth that are translucent rather than white. Is this from her natural tooth paste? She has only had antibiotics once in her life and her diet is excellent.

On instruments / apparatuses / procedures / cosmetic dental 

  1. Any thoughts on children having separators to make room for teeth? Is that a question or just the normal thing to do?

  2. I had invisalign done a few years ago and I’m wondering if there are any negative effects from this treatment and from the metal retainers on my teeth now?

  3. If you have already had Invisalign or have to wear a retainer at night (to prevent grinding) – is there a material that is preferable for construction? Thanks.

  4. Best way to whiten teeth

  5. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but my daughter has stainless steel crowns from poorly formed molars. I want them out. But need some back as to why. Don’t have access to holistic dentist.

  6. Are fissure seals necessary in kids?

  7. I have a bite splint as I’m a chronic grinder. I have been told that the splint material is the only option, it seems very plasticy to me and wondering how toxic it is as I would be grinding that and it would be entering my system. I’ve been told I need to wear it as I have had to have crowns to replace the teeth that I ground away so badly

  8. Can you please ask about Mayo braces vs Invisalign?

  9. Young kids who will need braces or similar – is there any holistic early intervention or other options or mainstream orthodontists ok for that stuff?

  10. Implants…if despite seeing more than 6 different dentists, you choose not to get an implant, is there any drama just leaving a gap?

  11. I have a root canal which I know has cause some of my health issues. What is the best way to get it removed to ensue all the nastiest are removed & is it OK to just leave a gap or is it important to get an implant or denture.

  12. I need to have two false teeth put in on one post. Or a bridge. It’s to replace a very old permanent bridge (Maryland bridge) for a small false tooth next to one of the front teeth. The front tooth it’s fixed to also needs to go unfortunately. Anyway would love to know if any options are low tox. I’m also allergic to wearing stainless steel. I hadn’t even thought about that as an issue until I read a comment above about stainless steel crowns.

  13. There were quite a few of us in the last ecourse wondering about the effect of metal wires behind teeth to keep teeth in place after braces etc. what are the long term/short term effects of the glue/metal and can they be mitigated? Is there a better solution? Due to the huge amount of people who have undergone teeth straightening it would be great to find out!


Other helpful links?

Find out more about Dr Lewis here

You can follow Dr Lewis on Instagram @doctor.lewis or Facebook

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

GC Tooth Mousse

Grants toothpaste

Powersmile anti cavity toothpaste

Powersmile Fluoride free toothpaste – Mint

Blog posts on flossing “Road Test 3 Natural Flosses” and “My dental floss is made from WHAT?”

Radius Silk Floss – Plastic free!

My favourite water filter range – Waters Co Filters.  There is ZERO aluminium in their filtration processed and the jug is fabulous for travel!



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