Show #111: Dr Libby Weaver on beauty and women’s health


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And onto this week’s show!

At long last, the stars align and Dr Libby is joining me for a chat. If you’ve been under a rock, Dr Libby Weaver (PhD) is one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, an author, a speaker and founder of the plant-based supplement range, Bio Blends. Armed with an abundance of knowledge, scientific research and a true desire to help people regain their energy and vitality, Dr Libby empowers and inspires people to take charge of their health and happiness through her books, live events and nutritional support range. Having sold over 350,000 books across New Zealand and Australia, she is an eleven-times bestselling author and published internationally including in UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Russia and Italy.

What I love most about Dr Libby is her passion transference capability – it’s one thing to be extremely knowledgeable, it’s a gift to be able to then share that knowledge passionately and inspire action in others. 


Here are the questions I ask Dr Libby today – and of course we go on the usual tangents:

Cave Woman vs Modern Woman which laid the foundation for your Rushing Women’s Syndrome book and general awareness.  

  1. How is this modern world affecting women at the biochemical level? How do we see our A to our B of de-stressing? (Often there are feelings of disempowerment / feeling trapped that prevent us from stepping into our power to make the necessary changes)  
  2. Pulling back the covers on what’s really driving your stress… Let’s talk about the major potential factors here and how we go about looking into our lives for our personal stress drivers
  3. Something I’ve loved hearing you talk about also to challenge the idea that all busy-ness is ‘bad’ in the past, is “Is ‘stress’ stressing you out / could you view ‘having a lot on’ in your life, as NOT being stressful in the negative sense. Can you talk us through that for those who haven’t heard you talk about this before? How do we go about reframing ‘SO BUSY’ to “A rich and fulfilling life” so that in the busy times of a life we’re loving full of things we love doing / people we love seeing, we’re not mounting a harmful stress response? 

Now onto your latest book – 11th best selling book to be exact!

  1. What called you to write The Beauty Guide?
  2. How are you seeing comparison culture play out for people? It’s not just women either… men being constantly told how to have rock hard abs etc…
  3. Is it really that different having online in the mix now? (Will add anecdote about a friend recounting her “who’s got the best legs” lunch time school yard comparisons in Year 9… My friends all having to lay our bras out to discuss them / who had the coolest one. Are the teens, and then later women, of today feeling it even more with the added ‘never switch off’ potential fort comparisons to be made? 
  4. How do we go about loving our bodies – many women just wouldn’t know how to unpack their body hatred / how it started / how to move towards a conversation of love with their bodies. 
  5. Botox and other obsessions with never feeling that we’re enough in our natural states? Is botox dangerous? Any research coming out yet? 

What to put on your skin – hormone-disrupting substances

  1. How do we go about repairing the damage that possibly decades (and generations) of endocrine disruptive chemicals have caused us? Detoxifying fat soluble / water soluble chemicals / obesogens… 
  2. We’re often told by the holistic-health-skeptics “Oh it’s nonsense that people need to actively seek out additional detox protocols / programs, we have a liver!” BUT… We have never had a liver burdened by the level of things it’s burdened by these days: What are some of your favourite liver support and repair strategies as we reduce every day toxins and start to ease the load. 

Other helpful links?

Find out more about Dr Libby and her latest book “The Beauty Guide” here:

You can get a copy of Dr Libby’s book “Rushing woman’s syndrome” HERE

You can follow Dr Libby on Instagram @DrLibby or Facebook

Watch her 2014 Ted Talk “The pace of modern life versus our cavewoman biochemistry”



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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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  1. Hi Alexx I would love to win a years supply of coffee. It’s the only brand I but now and I usually get 3 or 4 bags at a time. I have been known to only buy multiple bags of beans and coconut milk with click and collect haha. I need coffee. My kids wake most nights or of they don’t I’m on edge waiting for one of them too and if it’s not them it’s the cat scratching my door or the dog. So I need to be able drink my coffee to grey through my day. Everyone always comments on how awesome this brand is too and I recommend them to everyone even in other facebook groups if anyone asks I tell them! I can’t ever be without it!

  2. Hello Alexx!

    We love coffee in our house, and with two children 3 and under, we definitely need it! Sourcing beans is well and truely my husbands domain. I’d love to win the Republica coffee to get him on the organic and fair trade coffee bandwagon! 🙂

  3. Hi Alexx!

    I would love to win the years supply of coffee! I recently moved to Shanghai and miss my Republica coffee so much! The best I can find here is instant coffee at 3 times the price. I would love to have Republica put a pep in my step again 🙂

  4. Being a stay at home Mum to 4 beautiful children, I rarely go out for coffee, so having quality (yummy) coffee at home is super important to me. As one of my ‘treats’ and of course to keep me on top form to manage four busy kids, I would love to win this amazing coffee – particularly as it is organic, given we are on a journey to a ’low tox’ way of life.

  5. Hi Alexx,

    I came across your podcast through the Slow Home Podcast. I’m 32 y/o and have a medical history as long as I am in age despite being fit, active and healthy. I am recovering from 3 surgeries this year and commenced a Gut Healing Protocol as “medicine” doesn’t seem to be helping me. The GHP has done amazing things for my overall wellbeing…my immunity and digestion have improved, I have more energy, I’m even sleeping better. I was previously a tea drinker but it’s on the ‘no’ list for the GHP but coffee is on the ‘yes’ list, so I’ve taken up coffee drinking (haha!) and Republica has been hubby and my go to. It doesn’t make me feel jittery and it’s really affordable. I’ve taken back control and exploring ways to improve my health. I’ve just purchased your book as I’m looking to tackle every area I possibly can. I’ve been wanting a resource like yours for sometime as I’ve always been puzzled by product labels. I’m excited by the possibility that as I become more low tox I will have higher health! I’d love to win a years supply of coffee. Thanks

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