Show #113: Jonathan Latham on understanding genetics, GMOs, round up and the food movement


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And onto this week’s show!

It’s a brilliant science nerd alert this week for you on the show as I bring you Jonathan R Latham, PhD who is co-founder and Executive Director of the Bioscience Resource Project and the Editor of Independent Science News. Dr Latham is also the Director of the Poison Papers project which publicizes documents of the chemical industry and its regulators. Dr. Latham holds a Masters degree in Crop Genetics and a PhD in Virology. He was subsequently a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Genetics, University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has published scientific papers in disciplines as diverse as plant ecology, plant virology, genetics and genetic engineering. Dr Latham talks frequently at international events and scientific and regulatory conferences on the research conducted by the Project. He has written for Truthout, MIT Technology Review, the Guardian, Resilience,, and many other magazines and websites.

It’s so important that if we’re going to be ‘pro’ a certain type of food that we need to truly understand what we’re ‘against’ so that when challenged we don’t just heatedly say “it’s toxic”. It’s not enough and we need to meet curiosity with science so that people understand the informed position we’re taking.



Here’s the framework for the chat Jonathan and I had:  

  • Re the food movement: the ‘feed the world’ debate / your views / solutions that don’t involve gmos in their current usage / soil depletion / ecological disruption etc… And what you’re most excited about right now with the grass roots ground swell happening all around.

  • The poison papers – how they came about / what the objective is / As a contributor – what does your role entail? / The records date back to the 1920s, so in looking back do we see – as with so many things supposedly ‘safe’ then found harmful – timelines of examples (ddt / other chemicals)… Glyphosate / RoundUp got bumped back up to the top of conversation with the recent court ruling ordering Monsanto to pay $289USD to the groundskeeper of a school, finding that his cancer was caused by RoundUp usage: What can the poison papers reveal about RoundUp / Glyphosate? 

  • Understanding genetics – What do we need to understand about the current GMO paradigm that isn’t  working for our health / planet’s health? How does what’s going on now negatively impact our health (BT toxin / Glyphosate ) and the planet’s (monocropping / high herbicide / pesticide use etc) Is there any circumstance / example / technology that you’ve seen either in the works or currently used, which GMOs might work in our food system? And then more on what you want us to understand… dangers / evidence that’s come to light etc.

  • And of course, the usual tangents and twists you’ve come to expect on the show.


Other helpful links:

Find out more about Jonathan Latham here: or The Poison Papers Project

You can follow Jonathan Latham on Facebook



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  1. Hi,

    Loving catching up on your many podcasts as a new listener to your amazing work!
    Would so love one of these bench top filters as I’ve been recommended one by my naturopath recently and of course yourself via the new Low Tox book! Currently renting so no option for an installed water filter. Fingers crossed!

    Sarah 🙂

  2. Hi Alexx
    I’d love to win a water filter to simply stop having to smell the cholorine in our water every time I get a drink from the tap 🙁

  3. Hi Alex & you Amazing Team,
    I would LOVE to win a Bio 500 bench top filter system valued or a AceBio water jug simply because I have been researching about this amazing product and would make an phenomenal addition to my family’s Low Tox lifestyle. We have tried our very best to ensure we put in our home the best equipment we can afford to never ever buy plastic bottles and have done an awesome job at it! WE WILL DEFINITELY LOVE TO HAVE THE PRIVILIGE TO HAVE THIS AMAIZING PRODUCT IN OUR HOUSE! Thank you for the offer, so privileged to have come across your podcast and your inspirational work you do Alex!!!

  4. Hi Alexx and the Low Tox Team,

    Loving the shows, as always!
    After recently discovering that my son and I are prone to getting water-borne parasites, we are currently boiling our drinking water to try and eliminate the risk. Therefore, we would love to win a water filter as this would really do the trick and we could say goodbye to these horrid parasites forever! Thanks,

  5. Today I drove all over gathering our organic produce for our little family (we live in the country) while listening to this podcast. Got out of the car with my 9 month old at a mechanic and while walking, felt wet droplets over us – a worker was spraying the weeds in the wind!!!! **Insert swear words here**
    If that’s not an ah-ha moment at the under-caution these chemicals have in our community I don’t know what is!

  6. Hi Alexx! Another great podcast! I would love to win one of these filters as I have 2 young kids and would love to know they are drinking clean water but also know that the trace minerals are still present!
    Thank you so much and what an awesome competition to run! Much love

  7. Hi Alexx,

    I’m 25 years old and my hubby-to-be and I are only a few months in to researching the wonderful world of low tox. It was sparked by a simple curiosity and a niggling feeling that something just isn’t quite right. It’s daunting at times, but I remind myself that it’s about the journey, not the destination! Either the jug or the bench top unit would be an amazing way to kick start our low tox journey! xx

  8. Hi Alexx,

    Was so great to hear you speak in Torquay a few months ago, inspiring as always 🙂
    Winning either the benchtop or jug would be amazing. Have found on this journey so far, we put so much energy and intention on making these lowtox changes that we sometimes over look the nasties sitting right in front of us!.

    Thank you for everything you do:)


  9. I purchased the Bio 500 about a month ago on Alexx’s recommendation, and we absolutely love it, particularly after learning that our tap water contains enough fluoride to reduce thyroid function when I already have hypothyroidism! I’d LOVE to win the Bio 500 for my Mum who is also working to put her Hashimoto’s into remission, or I’d love the jug filter for when we’re traveling.

  10. Hello Alexx,

    Oh my goodness my dreams would come true winning this fabulous prize. We have been using a cheaper water filter for years and have a 500 bio on our wish list.

    Thanks for wonderful podcast!

  11. Hi Alexx,
    Wow, I’ve been wanting to upgrade to the Bio 500 since my daughter purchased one and has been raving about it.
    With Hashimotos Thyroiditis rife in our family, I am all too aware of the part that fluoride, chloride and bromide can play in making it difficult to get on top of this disease and would love to provide the purest water I can to myself and my family. This would be another positive step towards putting my disease into remission.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  12. What an awesome prize. Would be great to win the bench top filter as haven’t been able to afford one yet and worry about what is in our water. Even theming is a great prize to help at work to cut eliminate bottle use. Thank you for the opportunity

  13. Hi Alexx
    We have been on a huge health education and empowerment journey over the last 4 years with my daughters health and wellbeing. Starting initially for my daughter we all have come so far with our health. We are re-locating and will be in need of a water filter. Whilst travelling we instantly notice the change in our health by not using filtered water; skin rashes, cracked lips and constipation. Thank you for offering this water filter to your listeners. Kellie

  14. Hi Alex,
    This was yet another wonderful podcast full of awesome info! Last year I watched a series of 9 documentaries by GMOs Revealed that had so much info about the corruption involved in glyphosate. Fascinating stuff, infuriating, but fascinating!
    It would be amazing to win either Waters Co filters! Being a farm girl raised on tank water. When I left home n moved to the ‘city’ the town water made me sick so for 9 years I carted drums of water from my parents place! Back on the land now and I filter our tank water as the terribly old pipes in the house put a metallic taste in our water. If I were to win one of the Water Co filters I could stop kidding myself that my current filter is getting rid of the nasties in our water!
    Oh n thanks for the tip on taking the filter jugs on holidays. I am forever stressing about where to get decent water while away from home.
    Sorry about the ‘short novel’ of a comment!

  15. Great podcast Alex!
    Doing the Low Tox course now too! I’m on a role and world love to wine either water filter
    Especially with a baby in the house x

  16. Love the podcast, fascinating to hear how Glyphosphate actually binds to minerals from the soil!! Makes it super important to have the good minerals in our diet with high quality water. Asa much as I would love a whole house water filter, the waters co one would be the best compromise

  17. I was sold as soon as you said pfas! Having moved to an area recently that’s very close to pfas exposure I’m super paranoid No one wants to expose their kids to that!

  18. Hi Alex,

    We meet in Goondiwindi on your book tour and I absolutely love your podcast and your recommendation on this water filter.
    Being from goondiwindi we are farmers and are working on changing our farming practices to free ourselves from the crippling system and subsequent soil degradation, however I am sure you can appreciate the challenges on such a huge scale operation. Day by day we work towards our vision.
    On the topic of filters, we drink rain water off a roof that is within 500m of spray drift. We have 2 young children and if it’s not enough the glyphosate in our food it’s also in our water. I would love to upgrade our filter to improve our health to the shoe size above.
    Thankyou for your dedication always

  19. Hi Alex!
    It was so lovely meeting you in Brissy and to continue listening to your amazing discussions.

    This water filter has been on my wish list for such a long time and the budget never seems to extend that far. I don’t see when it ever will :(. So it would be absolutely amazing to win one!! I’d be forever grateful!

    Leesa Johnson De Franco

    1. Post

      Hi Leesa, great to finally get to Brisbane and meet you guys. Unfortunately, we’ve announced the winners but my biggest advice is to start a little savings pot and now that Chrissy is around the corner ask the family to chip in for one big prezzie. Good luck, you’ll get there! x

  20. Hi Alex, we’re about 12 months into our Low Tox journey. A water filter is on my wish list, specifically a WatersCo filter as I’ve read how great they are. I would love to win the bench top filter or the jug, to get some more of the nasties out of my fame ly’s life. Jacqui

    1. Post

      Hi Jacqui, thanks for sharing. We’ve announced the winners but thank you so much for entering and keep saving up for one. It’s well worth it. x

  21. Hi Alexx,
    I really enjoyed listening to the information in this podcast from Jonathon who has so much expertise in his research and work on GMO’s, genetics, glyphosate and the effects on organisms including food. When you research further into digestion, the gut and how we absorb our nutrients and link it with the soil, plant biology and how the nutrients find their way from the sources in the natural world to our own cells, what Jonathon is saying makes so much sense.

    Thank you!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  22. Hi Alex,

    I LOVE listening to your amazing and insightful podcasts. I learn something new each podcast! I have always wished to own a WatersCo water filter. I would love to win this incredible prize for our office.

    Thank you,


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  23. Hi Alexx

    I would absolutely love to win the Waters Co 500 Bio Bench top filter. We are all obsessed with your work and love listening to your podcasts and we would absolutely love to win this water filter for your office.

    Thank you


    1. Post

      Hey Shea, Love that your office is all keen on the podcast and all things low-tox! We’ve announced the winners but perhaps you guys can chip in and get one for the office!? x

  24. Hi Alexx,
    I would love to win either product to ensure that my 4 year old daughter, who is currently suffering the effects of 2 waterborne parasites, can be free from the risk of re-contamination.

    Many thanks for another interesting and eye-opening podcast.

    1. Post

      Hey Bree, gosh I can only imagine. Parasites are tricky. The prize has been announced but thanks for entering and all the best for your daughter. x

  25. Hi Alexx. Just started this podcast and will finish it off in just a moment but first things first! I would love to own a water filter, and a great quality one too. It would really assist my family and I with our health and in living a low tox life. Thanks for this opportunity and for your fantastic podcast! I know you would say ‘Most welcome!’ , Sue

    1. Post
  26. Hi Alexx,
    Another life changing show! Many Ah-ha moments! As a result of your education I have been eyeing-off the water’s co filters for quite some time but due to cost am yet to take the plunge. I am currently building a home and would love to have this filter sitting proudly on our new bench so that my family and I can drink the purest and healthiest, re-mineralised water available to us. Thanks again for your ongoing work, loving every second! X Shanyn.

    1. Post
  27. I would love to win the Bio 500 bench top filter system or the AceBio water jug to save hubby and I from having to constantly refill the 100 glass bottles of water on our window sills. haha!

    1. Post
  28. Thank you Alexx for introducing me to the Waters Co filters range, I’m going to buy one for our family Christmas present. I love drinking water all day long and want the best available water for my toddler so that she too can have great tasting water as her first choice.

    A good quality water filtration system is the way to go so I would love to win one of the Waters Co prizes. Thank you for your informative and uplifting podcasts, I’m hooked.

    1. Post

      Hey Kat – the winners have been announced now and it ends this evening the offer, so please do make the most of it and enjoy! They’re a truly wonderful range. Alexx x

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