Show #114: Katarina Wallentin on raising an eco conscious child


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A treat from this week’s sponsor…




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And onto this week’s show!

I’m so thrilled to have discovered Katarina Wallentin, when she sent us her book – Clara the Climate Changer. She has worked in many hidden parts of the globe with international organizations such as United Nations, Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders. Her aim has always been to explore, experience and change the world we live in to something greater for now and the future. During her travels, she has experienced first-hand that nothing on this amazing Earth is totally black or white, right or wrong – a woman after my own heart! Instead, everything is interconnected and what you see, depends on the shade of the glasses you put on. This year she is publishing two children’s books – The Baby Unicorn Manifest and Clara & the Climate Changer. She is currently working on a third book, for adults, called The Bullshitometer. Katarina lives in Stockholm with her 15-year-old daughter Emilia who she brings on her travels and adventures as often as possible and today we discuss a variety of topics based on these questions I asked her (and the tangents we went on!)



The questions I asked Katarina:  

  1. The continuous exploration of the wondrous world we get to live in – you’ve got a rich CV full of interesting things and you also see a world in pain: how do you stay ‘light’ in exploring our world with wonder? How do you not let yourself experience overwhelm for all that needs our urgent attention? (Constant struggle for the conscious low tox peeps) 

  2. Empowering people to know that they actually know – What do you mean by that, I’m intrigued!

  3. How do you raise a conscious kid in this age? There’s never been more information available to us to teach with, yet by the same token it feels that we shelter our kids from the ‘real world’ more than ever…

  4. You say you love being silly with your brilliant and funny and amazing 15 year old daughter and I love being silly with my 9 year old son – I’d love to hear what that looks like for you guys?

  5. How did you teach her balance between caring about causes / embracing playfulness?

  6. Do you believe that balance is what’s going to help us continue to drive impactful change? It’s no fun if it’s all super serious, right?

  7. Tell me the story of how you decided to become a children’s book author. You seem to have quite a lot ON! hehe.

  8. Clara the climate changer: How did that come about? A personal passion for communicating climate change to people in a relatable way? Something else?


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Find out more about Katarina Wallentin and her book Clara and the Climate Changer:

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  1. Hi Alexx,
    I would so love to win one of the water filters. We have the bench top one and I wouldn’t want to look back! Clean healthy water is what starts the day super well. We are a family of 5 – all love the clean water, but teenagers are very lacy in topping it up- and so there is never enough filtered water. It would be amazing to have a second one or the smaller jug. Thanks heaps, Uli

  2. Hi Alexx, hearing you talk so passionately about these water filters, how can anyone NOT want one???

    Gosh, in this overwhelming climate of toxins it would be fabulous to know that at the very least the water we were drinking and cooking with was free from impurities as well as adding back the goodness that was there too. It would certainly be one huge step in the right direction for reducing the toxic load to myself and family – especially having to consume so many meds and supplements daily, it would ensure that they were able to do their job and not be diminished by the chlorine or other nasties lurking there.

    I’d absolutely LOVE to be in the draw to win either of the water filters – and thank you for the opportunity.

    Jodie x

  3. Alexx,
    I so want to win the Waters giveaway. We have one of their benchtop filters and LOVE it…just want to go bigger! Winning that could help fund it or the jug would be a perfect addition to our travel/camping kit. Who can live with themselves buying water in plastic anymore!

  4. Hi Alexx, I was lying in the sun listening to your podcast and my ears pricked up right away when I heard you mention this competition! My family of 5 (3 young boys) are just about to move into our own home after 7 years of renting and staying with family due to transient work commitments for my husband – I had literally been researching water filters yesterday but hadn’t been game to hit the purchase button just yet. We would absolutely love to receive one of these filters, as we know all too well the impacts that drinking tap water can have on our family.

    Love your podcast, it’s my absolute fave! So looking forward to being in our own space again so I can implement even more low tox lifestyle changes.

    Bonny x

  5. I would LOVE one of the water filters We just spent $10,000 on a 110,000 litre water tank for our property so we could move away from chemical water – but our funds are exhausted now so we have to wait to get tap filters this would be amazing for us on our low tox journey

  6. Hi Alexx!!
    I love listening to your podcast each week!
    I bought this amazing water filter a few months ago and have never regretted one drop of water that comes out of it. I invested in it close to my sons third birthday and instead of spending our savings on an over-the-top party and plastic presents I chose to provide him with the cleanest, healthiest water possible! I did still get him a few fun things and baked him a yummy cake though!
    To win one of these water filters would mean I could gift it to another family member who my son spends time with and he would always have this beautiful water to drink. A small jug filter would be sufficient!
    Sarah xx

  7. Hi Alexx,
    I have been on my Low Tox journey with my family for 8 years and continually making small changes to create a healthier and happier life.
    We have now moved to organic produce and about to embark on growing our own. A water filter will be the perfect fit to these changes.

  8. Hey Alexx!!!
    I love your podcast thank you! I also love the idea of super clean but also nourishing water for my little family. I would love to win one, to help keep my babes bodies hydrated and mineralised. Thanks so much! Love Ally xx

  9. Hi Alex,
    I’d love a Waters Co filter.. we have a water filter which is about 10 years old, and I thought it was pretty good, but listening to you and looking at their website I’ve realised that healthy water isn’t just about taking stuff out, but putting the right things back in! lightbulb moment for me 🙂

    PS love all your podcasts – yours on Monday plus the Broken Brain ones on Fridays cover a large part of my work commute 🙂

  10. Hi Alexx!
    I stumbled across your Podcast back in July (Show#95 was the first Podcast I ever listened to), and have been blown away each and every show since then.
    I sincerely want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life around. Since having my girls (now 4yrs & 2 yrs) I have been diagnosed with iron deficiency, advanced arthritis in my cervical spine and with an unspecified auto-immune disease. Needless to say I wasn’t feeling that awesome, but since I started listening in to your Podcast, I have began my journey towards a healthier and happier (and lower tox!) me. I recently purchased your handbook ‘Low Tox Life’ and Dr Libby’s ‘The Beauty Guide’ and ‘Supercharge Your Gut’ by Lee Holmes (eagerly awaiting arrival!) and I love being inspired by such amazing people and learning so much as I continue on this wild ride towards living the best life possible for me and my family.
    My next step is to buy good quality water filters! I would love love LOVE to win either the Waters Co Bio 500 bench top filter system or the AceBio water jug as this would be such a huge help to our thirsty little household in achieving overall wellness and in keeping the nasties out of our bodies. Much love Alexx and Waters Co xx

  11. I started our family’s low tox journey with a search for a new toothpaste after stumbling on an article about triclosan. Your course followed about six months later, and I’ve been chipping away at all the little changes. In some ways, my beautiful son’s autoimmune diagnosis earlier this year came at a time when I was armed with knowledge and the power to make changes for the health of our whole family. I’m still working on the bigger ticket items so this competition is incredible – a chance to win this filter would be huge for us. Thank you for the opportunity xx

  12. Hi Alex. I would like a waters co filter to give to my daughter, she lives on a property with tank water, but she also lives near an asphelt plant and i am concerned about what contaminants could be in her families water.

    1. Post

      Hi Lisa, love that you’re thinking of your daughter and family. Unfortunately, we’ve selected the winners but thank you for entering and all the best with getting a filter onto the property. xx

  13. I would love to win the AceBio for my beautiful sister Sare!! She has just started working as a Qantas international flight hostess & the AceBio would be the perfect travel companion to keep her healthy & hydrated all around the world!! As well as reduce her environmental footprint when it comes to sourcing clean water that we often take for granted. In fact I think airlines should look to invest in such product for their staff!! x

  14. Hi Alexx and crew, I would love to win either of the water filters. We already have a jug which is great but I would love the bench top filter as we go through the jug so quickly. Another jug wouldn’t go astray either

    1. Post
  15. Hi Alex & Team,

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity! I would love to win these delicious water products as I am a recovering perfectionist that is easily overwhelmed with making changes. My journey is now focused on making small changes that have a big impact. Given the body is 60% water I am confident making the small change to filtered water will have a big impact on mine and my families health!

    1. Post

      Hi Sarah, I LOVE this mentality. It’s all about small but significant changes, which in turn, create huge impact in our lives. Please keep sharing your progress with the community and thanks for entering. x

  16. Hi Alexx!
    I would absolutely love one of the Waters Co water filters! This is the reason why..
    I’ve been saving for ages and trying to convince my husband it is a priority spend as we’re on rainwater only (on a farm) and have plastic rainwater tanks and PVC pipes. On hot WA summer day (which is everyday here in the summer!) the cold water comes out hot! It can’t be good that I’m filling my baby and toddler’s water bottles with this hot plastic water! I cringe every time I do. I also worry about the use of sprays by nearby farmers that are carried in dust that settles on our roof ending up in our drinking water.
    We have a UV filtration system for all household water, but that just kills any bacteria and virus’.
    I love what you do and I’m passionate about spreading the low tox word. Keep up the good work, you’re doing a stella job!
    Thanks, Heather

    1. Post

      Hi Heather, oh sometimes it’s so tough to get our loved ones on board! I’m sure you’ll get there with your hubby if you just keep gently mentioning it. Thanks for entering and sharing your story. Remember each little step counts and that you’re doing great. x

  17. Hi Alexx,

    I would love to win one of the Waters Co prizes. I have one of the small jugs and the water tastes delicious. I’m saving up for the bench top one.


    1. Post
  18. Hi Alexx, would love to win the travel jug! I live a great distance from everywhere and always loading up with bottles of water from the farm and then having to buy water once I get through that. How convenient to have amazing quality water while travelling! Game changer 🙂

    1. Post

      Hey Morgan, thanks for entering. These jugs really are a game changer. We’ve now selected our winners but I hope you’ll save up for one. It’s great for people on large properties and farms. x

  19. I’d love to win the bio jug as I’m so tired of carrying litres of water with me when I travel. I’ve alrady got a bench top filter which I love, but the jug would be a game changer! Holidays, visits to friends, in the office or on business trips, it would make a massive difference

    1. Post
  20. Hi Alexx, I would love to win a water filter so that I can give the gift of beautiful clean, healthy water for my two young children. We are early in our low tox journey and I think this would be a great way to get started!


    P.S I love listening to your podcast while gardening, this is my precious ‘me time’ each week. Thank you for putting it together, I’m really enjoying it!

    1. Post

      Aww Sarah, I love that I can help you have a little ‘me time’ hehe. We’ve selected a winner and sadly it’s not you this time around, but thank you for entering and all the best to you and your family. x

  21. Hi Alexx I would love to win either filter as they would both be amazing. I currently have an inferior undersink filter that I need to get brew filters for but no filters I could purchase would do all that either of these could do. We drink a lot of water in our house and to know that we would have pure unadulurated water that we all really should have access to would be one less thing for me to worry about. Funds are so short right now after being home for 4 years that as much as the discount is amazing it just isn’t fitting into our budget.

    1. Post

      Hey Kristy, thanks for entering! We’ve announced the winner but please keep an eye out for further competitions. Alexx

  22. Gosh I’d love love love to win one of these fabulous water filters. I would set this one up at work for my small team. Really my journey since doing your course some years ago, has been joined by this team, they have made so so many changes to their everyday lives, plastic gone, microwave gone, essential oils diffusing, clean cleaners and so many other things I see have changed. I would love to now share the joy of beautiful clean water and finally be gone of the bottles and Rory on tap water xxx thanks Alexx, I’ll keep spreading the love xx

    1. Post

      Sorry Niki unfortunately this time no, the winners were drawn, but the offer ends midnight tonight if you fancy making the most of the offer x

  23. Hi everyone! Alexx I am wondering if any of your listeners from Canada were able to find this filter online? I cannot seem to find a site that would ship over here 🙁
    Thanks so much!

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