Show #120: Jonathan Fields on how to live a good life


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And onto this week’s show!

A golden conversation with inspiring author and general “help you live your best life and never in a phoney way” legend, Jonathan Fields. Whether you know him from his podcast “The Good Life Project” or his book “How to live a good life” or whether you’ve never heard of him, today is a treat. A New York City dad, husband, and former SEC and mega-firm lawyer turned award-winning author, serial entrepreneur and expert in applied personal development and human potential, Jonathan has founded a number of transformational wellness-companies, taught everything from yoga and mindfulness to entrepreneurship and innovation, and led workshops, events and retreats around the world for thousands. We discuss simple strategies for building a rock solid, loveable life, accepting that it’s not always going to be perfect, yet being able to identify more easily when something’s not quite right and ensure your 3 buckets are being tended to. He also issues us all a seven day challenge on the show that is absolutely perfect – I’ll leave you to discover for yourself.


The framework for my chat with Jonathan:  

First section

Let’s get to know you… A few questions about life / twists / turns / learnings and what some of the defining moments

Second section
The Book “How to live a good life”
  1. How is it that humans know how to live a good life deep down and have countless tools, inspo quotes, calendars with daily tips and affirmations, talk shows, podcasts and basically EVERYTHING in our pocket to help us do that, yet we so often don’t do it? Was it part frustration part curiosity throwing your hat in the ring to try and unpack that and help people start kicking some good life goals?
  2. Let’s talk buckets. how did you come to define the buckets / what are they. Talk to me about “bucket ‘health’ ” Something I have loved seeing you talk about is the interdependent nature of the buckets for thriving. It makes me think of our broken medical model of sending you to one Dr for the heart, a different one for the bones, another one for the mouth… yet they’re all interdependent. I feel like you’ve really tapped into one of the most powerful tools for change in our lives… Can you share a personal event / time in your life where you really saw this at play?
  3. The three laws of the buckets and how we start our own good life project.
  4. Here I’d love to expand on connection (talking about ‘functional’ living when couples are both working / young kids and just ‘getting through the day’ – how to spark it to avoid feeling like collaborative flat mates?)
Third Section
When you join up to your mailing list (which I encourage everyone to do) you get a bit of a ‘best ofs’ tour of where to go first… And the Unbusy manifesto did not disappoint!
So: Reactive Life syndrome and how we move away from that? (I may read  the actual manifesto out if that’s ok with you)
Seems humans are great at reaction… we all jump in and roll our sleeves up for a Tsunami relief, hurricane, 9/11… slow burn cultivation / prevention however, we don’t seem so great. Are we too busy to reflect on what we really want to progress on deep down? Is that a part of why ‘busy’ works against progress and proactivity?
A lot of peeps in the low tox life community want to change things in our communities / families / want to develop big ideas and plans to really move the needle for people / planet health but tall poppy / you’re not the kind to go out on a limb like that / nothing I do will make enough of a difference… on and on… limiting beliefs. I love how you talk about the “Unfortunate Middle” and I feel like the concept of moving through this and being prepared to brave heading towards the other side of it could be one we’re comforted by as we plan how to make a bigger impact on people’s health and planet care – Any advice for us as warriors on a mission whether it be mom petition to change up the food in the cafeteria, the community petitioning the end to the use of glyphosate on the weeds in their local park… How do we play a bigger game from all of our little corners of the world?


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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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