Show #124: In conversation with Brenda Janschek about parenting and food





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And onto this week’s show!

This week’s show I’ve invited the wonderful Brenda Janschek, health coach, onto the show with me – in the near 3 years of the show, we’ve never discussed children’s health together, despite working with thousands of parents through our Thrive course on that very subject, since 2014. So today, we look at what has helped our children thrive from cooking in the kitchen to family meal times and how we’ve navigated the ‘grey area’ of food guidance for our children out in social situations when they have to make their own choices, when and how to relax about social situations and how to ensure we don’t raise kids who are paranoid about food with labels like “bad food” which can quickly have a child feel they’re a bad person for eating it – OR can have them start to use those labels to annoy you by rebelling with ‘bad’ food. Lots of twists and turns and useful information for any parents navigating the food conversation at home.



The framework for my chat with Brenda:  

  • What have you done to instil good food values in your children?
  • When did you overstep the mark or didn’t do enough?
  • How do you keep a relaxed vibe around food in social situations?
  • As your children have gotten older what have you noticed needed to change? What did you need to change and adapt?
  • Fussy eating
  • Kids in the kitchen cooking
  • Importance of family meal times


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Check out Brenda’s website for lots of delicious and easy recipes:

Grab your copy of her eBook Easy Wholefood Lunchboxes



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