Show #134: Kim Pearce and Kath Davis : The Possibility Project. Where sustainable fashion and community change meet




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And onto this week’s show!

I’m delighted to bring you a story today of possibility. Kim Pearce and Kath Davis are the wonderful women behind The Possibility Project and clothing line Slumwear 108. These two women met by chance on the school drop off on the dawn of the new school year. They connected immediately and the next thing you knew, they were off to India together. It’s often easy to think “What change could I possibly effect!?” and the truth is, if you want to, you find a cause and you fight for it, figuring it all out along the way. In today’s show we talk about their slow clothing line, their social justice projects, the circular economy and how we can all effect change big and small. It’s an inspiring collaboration between two women that I know you will leave feeling very hopeful about the world from. 


Kim Pearce and Kath Davis are the wonderful women behind The Possibility Project and clothing line Slumwear 108.   You can learn a lot about them from the website and FB page.  They are a slow clothing line/social justice programme/community collaborators and basically fabulous humans with an incredible passion.   Kim’s background is education and Kath’s is fashion, and combining these two, they have created a pretty amazing vehicle. They work with recycled fabrics out of Jaipur, India, along with re-imagining in Sydney.



The questions I asked Kim and Kath:  

  1. Where there’s a will there’s a way – what does that phrase mean to you?
  2. You met on the school run and we’ll talk about what happened from there in a bit, but first: What were you doing in your careers before that fateful school run – born and bred hippy chicks who care, or were there a series of ahas or a defining moment that made you start to see beyond the ‘great deal at the fave fashion store’?
  3. So changing the world isn’t a sweet little suggestion you can make over a coffee – or is it? How did you two decide to join forces and create something together?
  4. How did you decide what sort of business you would start?
  5. How was the experience of building your supply chain?
  6. Something that I love is the for people/ for planet connection in what you’ve created – people being trained in a vocation and paid a living wage and the upcycling/ recycling of materials… Is it easy to run things over here, and ensure people are getting paid well over there?
  7. Business is hard – and the massive list of ‘to do’s can often sap creativity – how do you nurture creative thinking in your days and lives to ensure you’re able to continue to move forward and keep solving complex problems through your work?
  8. Who is a person who’s felt like a guiding light for you on this journey?
  9. Some of your favourite examples of people helping us be our best most-awake selves in this new era…
  10. What’s next for The Possibility Project?
  11. and if you had to share one thing each that you believe is a super powerful way for people to make a little change in life for the betterment of people/planet – what is your favourite to share?

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