Show #141: Breaking the habit of being myself with Alexx Stuart


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And onto this week’s show!

This week there are no questions and there is no guest – I’m chatting to you guys directly about my experience of starting to do Dr Joe Dispenza’s work.

When I came through the worst of mold illness (google “The whole mold story Low tox life” to hear all about that!) I realised I was catastrophising at the smallest things, always thinking the worst would happen and that was so unlike my pre-mold self that I knew I had some mental work to do to upgrade my mind. Enter Dr Joe who I’d read in the past, seen on YouTube and in documentaries and had even bought a short course via Hay House from – just sitting there untouched. The rest is history once I finally decided it was time to transfer my appreciation for his work, to do the work myself. It’s been insightful, profound and a window into what’s to come as I make this work a part of my life moving forward. I speak about the experience of doing the Advanced Week-Long retreat – including how non retreat like it is, and what I noticed when I meditated 6-9 hours a day for a week with a splash of climbing an enormously high ladder and jumping from a high platform once I hurled myself onto the plank at the top. Here’s the Happy Faces Video from our week-long that the amazing AV team produces for each retreat – the ultimate souvenir. 

Meditation has always been a have to. Now? It’s an “as if I would miss it!” so I’m excited to share some of the aha’s, mystical moments and synchronicities that have popped up out of doing this work. Can’t wait to connect with any low toxers who are on the same journey or who wish to be, via our Low Tox Club. 


Other helpful links:

To find out more about Dr Joe Dispenza and his work check out:

Here’s a link to the Lewis Howes’ podcast where Dr Dispenza discussed how the mind can heal the body.

Feel free to know more about the Online Progressive & Intensive Workshops HERE. These are the ones I did to qualify for the advanced retreat.

The “Happy Faces” Video from our Weeklong advanced retreat on the sunshine coast this April/May, gives you a little window into how special the week was.

Connect with Dr Dispenza on his Instagram account, @drjoedispenza or on Facebook.


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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

Comments 3

  1. Hi Alexx,
    I recently came across your work via another podcast and I’m so glad I found you! My partner has been diagnosed with CIRS about a year ago, and we’ve spent the last year moving house, remediating and getting the new place good to go. He’s been doing the DNRS program for over 3 months and has great support from an excellent practitioner and we’ve been careful to change to all natural cleaning and food products (for over 18 months).

    I’m wondering how best to support him going forward. I fear that all the showering/avoiding triggers etc that we do may actually be reinforcing the issues. Our lives are completely controlled by his needs and I feel like this is reinforcing his beliefs/actions that external changes are still the best approach.

    I would ideally like to say that I will just go on living a normal life (sans constant cleaning and showering) but any time I have tried that he pulls the ‘but it makes me sick’ card and we’re right back to doing what he wants.

    As someone who has actually come out the other side of this illness, can you shed some light on what I can do to support him but not be a doormat to his sickness?

    Thank you in advance,

  2. I loved this podcast Alexx, for so many reasons…thank you for sharing all of this with us.

    The retreat looked beyond AMAZING! I am absolutely putting one of those on my bucket list!

  3. Listening to your podcast has motivated me to go back to his hay house course and continue Joe’s amazing work. Going to manifest my ticket when he comes back to Australia. Thank you for sharing.

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