Show #143: The End of Alzheimer’s with Dr Dale Bredesen


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And onto this week’s show!

This show, I welcome the renowned Dr. Dale Bredesen on the show. Hearing from Dale truly brings you a sense of hope. An internationally-recognized expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases, Dr. Dale Bredesen’s career has been guided by a simple idea: that Alzheimer’s as we know it is not just preventable, but reversible. Thanks to a dedicated pursuit of finding the science that makes this a reality, his idea has placed Dr. Bredesen at the vanguard of neurological research. In his paradigm shifting, New York Times Best Selling book “The End of Alzheimer’s”, Dr. Bredesen offers real hope to anyone looking to prevent and even reverse Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline.

Taking insights gleaned from over 40 years in medicine, Dr. Bredesen has authored a groundbreaking guide to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s Disease that fundamentally changes how we understand cognitive decline.

Revealing that Alzheimer’s disease is not one condition, as it is currently treated, but rather three distinct conditions, The End of Alzheimer’s outlines 36 metabolic factors (micronutrients, hormone levels, sleep for example) that can trigger “downsizing” in the brain. We talk about that in great detail and more. This conversation is a powerful one and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed having it. Find the show supporter offer and additional resources for this week’s show over at  and I can’t wait to hear your comments and experiences of perhaps trying Dale’s protocols based on his research, Alexx.

The questions I asked Dale:

  • Dale, I would love for you first to share how medicine became a passion in your life through school and study and how Alzheimer’s became a core interest for you as professor of neurology…
  • Alzheimer’s 101: What’s happening when we get it? To whom? How much of it is bio individual vs an obvious stepping-through stage that is common to all?
  • You and a group of colleagues define 3 subtypes: What are they and how are they characterised differently / are there overlaps?
  • Let’s look at the two major overlaps – the accumulation of amyloid beta plaques and tau tangles and better understand those?
  • Something I found interesting was the positive side of the amyloid plaque re viruses: How can something so damaging be potentially good for us?
  • There’s a lot of talk / worry about having the APOE4 gene mutation – can you talk to us about the research behind that gene and what it’s showing? What can we do as a preventative strategy if we do carry that gene to best support our cognitive health?
  • If we DON’T have that gene mutation how much less are we at risk or can lifestyle choices for the worse / toxic exposures/stress still impact our risk regardless of gene variant situation?
  • What are we standing to lose when we’re treating things like insulin resistance as a separate issue to mold exposure as a separate issue to brain fog – surely when we put all of them together we see a bigger picture red flag, right?
  • So let’s talk some good news and tools for families that I urge everyone, of course, to get your book on – truly something I believe everyone should read and my doctor has in her waiting room for patients which I love…
  • When did you start to believe you could build a framework of hope in the face of Alzheimer’s and what emerged as the biggest preventative / risk lowering strategies?
  • So a family member starts showing classic signs and we take them to the doctor and we get a diagnosis: What other people do you recommend bringing into the health team and what
  • other integrative medical testing inflammatory markers, pathogens, particular vitamin/mineral statuses/Omega/DHA, etc…
  • And given the health of the gut is implicated in so many diseases: Is this something we need to look at when it comes to Alzheimer’s.
  • Fish oil or high supplementation of EPA/DHA: Yay or nay? There’s a lot of confusion there. What’s your take?



Other helpful links:

You can find out more about Dr. Dale Bredesen and his work on ReCODE Assessment here:

You can also read more about how to prevent and even potentially reverse symptoms of Alzheimer’s in his book, The End of Alzheimer’s.

Follow him on Twitter @DrDaleBredesen or on Facebook


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  1. I stumbled upon this program this morning and am very grateful for both you and Dr. Dale Bretesen. My 74-year old husband is working with a local Functional Medicine Physician and is following what I call the DYI version of the RECODE Protocol. We are seniors on a limited budget and while the full RECODE protocol is not within our financial means we have done the following things for my husband using Functional Medicine; diagnosed with early cognitive decline and insulin resistance and working to heal his insulin resistance (C41 now stabilized) getting off of cholesterol lowering medicine and high blood pressure medication, optimizing his vitamins/minerals/hormones. We increased his oxygen to the brain, we do a detox program increased his healthy fats, and increased his nutrient with a Ketogenic nutrient rich diet. We are going on three years of working to heal now and he is doing very well. His short term memory is back, his constant confusion is gone and his empathy toward me has returned. he is back to work four days a week now. Everyone is calling this a miracle. We are believers, are grateful from the bottom of our hearts. There is truly much that can be done.

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