Show #146: Utopian community of Serenbe with Steve Nygren


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And onto this week’s show!

One of my favourite things to do for the show is to research people who are thought leaders and boy have I found one in Steve Nygren, co-creator of “Serenbe”. Imagine a land plan that could provide for 20% more housing while saving 70% of the land for agriculture and recreation. Sounds impossible, right?

In 2004, the Nygrens began development of Serenbe the community to demonstrate that it was absolutely possible and I talk to Steve about how it came to be that he could imagine this place and then bring it to life. The result is reminiscent of century-old communities connected to current technology. Steve has chaired many local and state boards and currently serves on three national boards dealing with environmental issues.

Enjoy this show and inspiring story that will have us challenging the need to build concrete jungles to house everyone, and reimagine our urban futures. I’ll fight you for the plane ticket to go visit and maybe move there! You can find the details and general show notes with this month’s sponsor offer over at


The Framework for our discussion:

We discuss the emerging trend of wellness communities or wellness real estate. Steve developed Serenbe as an effort to save the rural countryside of Georgia from urban sprawl. Back in the ’90s, he and his family took a weekend getaway from Atlanta to a 1905 farmhouse in the woods. The family fell so in love with the land, they decided to step off the treadmill of life and live a more relaxed, sustainable life until one day, Steve and his oldest daughter were on a run and discovered a bulldozer taking down trees. He then knew it was time to jump to action and figure out a way to build with the land, rather than against it. To create a place where people live in conjunction with themselves, each other, and with nature.

Today, Serenbe is a 1,200-acre community with 70% protected greenspace and home to 700 residents, a 25-acre organic farm, 5 farm-to-table restaurants, spa, yoga studio, 27 room Inn, 30+ retail shops, 15 miles of nature trails, Farmers Market, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), art galleries, nationally recognized outdoor theatre company, ballet, and hundreds of cultural events each year.

And we also covered a few other FAQs from the community on solar, Wifi, Metal roofing, and furniture and where the healthy boundaries lie.


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