Show #148 – Muscles for a long life? Yep. Meet Dr Gabrielle Lyon.


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And onto this week’s show!

In this week’s show, we have the wonderful Dr Gabrielle Lyon talking muscles. What happens when you cross a woman with a head cold (me that day!) and a Dr who’s about to give birth to her first baby? Well, of course, you get a very interesting show about muscles and the key role they play in the research when it comes to longevity and not just age as a number, but thriving into old age.

Dr. Lyon attended the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine and is board-certified in Family Practice. She also completed her research fellowship in Nutritional Science and Geriatrics at Washington University in St. Louis. The mix of study she’s done – a whopping 17 years worth – puts her in a unique position to be able to wade through all the research and cut to the chase on what brings results for people, especially those who seek to reach peak physical state. She has brought unparalleled results to her patients with personalized advanced nutritional interventions, metabolic and genetic testing, and behavioural action plans that leave no stone unturned. When you work with Dr. Lyon, you will enter into a partnership that will bring you long-term success and life-changing breakthroughs in every aspect of your life. You can feel this in the no-nonsense way she responds to questions. If you’ve struggled to build muscle and have suffered long and chronic states and want out, muscle – and Dr Gabrielle Lyon – may just be your answer. I hope you enjoy the interview.

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The questions I asked Gabrielle:

  • You call muscle the ‘organ of longevity’ – can you share the ‘why’? 
  • Relationship between maintaining healthy muscle mass and healthy ageing/brain function / anti-illness
  • What keeps us strong and able to build muscle as we get older – is it simply weight training in the mix or is it more than that?
  • What’s the relationship between muscle mass and bone density? 
  • Protein sources + protein requirements – shrowded in controversy and contradicting information, let’s take a look at veg + animal sources and the pros/cons that we need to look out for with both. 
  • We’re told “X amount of grams of protein per meal” but then over ‘there’ we’re told moderate protein because excess protein is converted to sugars>fats or “too hard on the kidneys” – what to do, doc? What about bio-individual considerations? 
  • What is the low carb / high fat diet doing to protein consumption/focus? Have you seen any negatives? 
  • What is a day on your plate like (maybe pregnant and non pregnant) 
  • Best ways to grow and maintain muscle under 40 / over 40 (and is it different for men/women?) 
  • Time restricted eating / intermittent fasting – how do we get the recommended food eating two meals a day and retaining/building more muscle? 
  • Supplements and protocols that support us before/during/after exercise – what can we do without a doc and where is the line drawn where we know “hey I need to see a doc for support on this”. 


Other helpful links:

You can find out more about Dr Gabrielle Lyone and her work here:

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  1. Great show! I was just wondering where protein from dairy /eggs fit? It’s not meat, but would be different to plant protein I’m guessing?

    1. Post

      Hi Shona. The most bioavailable protein is from red meat as she states on the show, however, if you’re vegetarian and do eat eggs/dairy they’re still great sources if they suit your body/help you feel like you’re thriving. Hope that helps x

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