Show #149 – The Climate Crisis: The power is in your hands.


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And onto this week’s show!

This week on the show, Anne Foster is BACK. One of our most popular shows last year on textiles, Anne Foster, founder of Elkie & Ark is this time putting her environmental scientist/economist hat on and we discuss the climate crisis and the every day things you and I can work on to reduce emissions to 30% below 1990 – yep, you read that right!

Anne takes us through the current research on reducing emissions and drawing down carbon, and we also spend time discussing personal changes we have on the cards or have struggled with, so that you get a good window into weighing up decisions and don’t feel quite so alone in the many changes we’re all feeling called to make in this intersection between the world where we did everything based on convenience and we now need to redefine convenience to include the care for our planet as a “successful performance” metric. I hope you enjoy the show and as always, you can find the show notes and supporter offer details on


The questions I asked Anne:

  • Well, here’s the thing. I didn’t ask her any formal questions. We literally talked about the climate crisis and the best things we can do ourselves to reduce and reverse carbon emissions and it was a fabulous, inspiring, positive, can-do conversation for anyone feeling despaired and doom + glooming about the subject <3

Anne mentioned the Draw Down site which is a must visit. – SO GOOD!


Other helpful links:

You can find out more about Anne’s work in Elkie and Ark:

Check out Elk & Ark on Instagram @elkarkorganic or on Facebook




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  1. Hello! Anne mentioned a McKinsey report – could you post a link or some kind of reference to this? I’ve been searching high and low for it! Would love to reach and understand more from it.

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