Show #150 – She Births® founder Nadine Richardson on the journey of birth.


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And onto this week’s show!

Nadine Richardson, this week’s show guest is an extraordinary woman and is the founder of She Births®, the only scientifically proven method for preparing for one’s birth journey that demonstrates significantly reduced need for pain medication, cesarian section and tears – doesn’t that sound amazing indeed!

This show is so wonderful as we explore the magic that is the transformative birth journey. This is for everyone who’s given birth to reminisce, everyone who is on a birth journey now or in the future, their partners, friends, and anyone you know who is going to have a baby.

You will learn the significance of a doula, some of the most powerful things you can do to prepare for birth and what to do when it doesn’t quite go according to preference (she doesn’t use the word ‘plan’ which I LOVE!)



The questions I asked Nadine:

  • Were you fascinated about birth from an early age or was this something you became passionate about in your own pregnancy and beyond?
  • How did you develop the She Births® framework?
  • You speak about birth as a transformative experience and it got me thinking about survival and creation and how our society sees birth as a risk-laden fight for survival, rather than a place to celebrate creation and I thought: I want to ask Nadine about this: how to we prepare for this incredible moment of creation without being plagued by fear?
  • The DOULA figure – not just a modern ‘invention’ but an ancient and powerful support person with research suggesting them as being the most important support person in the birth journey – share the doula magic!
  • You’ve had so much success with your program in terms of improving outcomes and reducing dependency on intervention with She Births – or shall I say the women and their birth partners have – Talk to me about the scientifically proven benefits to following your program?
  • Let’s look at the birth journey – what are some of the common mistakes we make in society, preparing women and their birth partners for the birth?
  • What are some of the most powerful things we can do on that journey to prepare for a truly great experience?
  • Now, you wrap this all up in a course for people and their birth partners – talk us through the options and what people can expect. I know my assistant Elise and her partner did your course and absolutely loved it.
  • We focus so much on the birth itself but then, as I remember our midwife said to us: You have a baby and that’s a permanent, new commitment that is literally overnight. How do people prepare best for that in your experience – does one’s Doula continue on with them or is it someone new that takes over “a post-birth doula” which I’ve heard of.
  • And something that society hasn’t seemed to get altogether right yet is birth and work life – You say the 4th wave of feminism is going to be the workplace’s wider acceptance and welcoming of the journey of birth and beyond – Who’s doing this well around the world in companies or countries: What does this look like when it’s a success?
  • Bringing up baby and then all of a sudden they’re adults: your boy about to fly the coup on a GAP year. How are you feeling about that? Is it a sense of dawning/rebirth in any way for you personally?



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