Show #151 – A detoxification masterclass with naturopath Naomi Judge


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And onto this week’s show!

Naomi Judge is a naturopath passionate about helping women find their best ‘normal’ possible in her work once clearing the path from all the things that jeopordise optimal health.

If you’ve ever wanted to truly understand detoxification, how to detoxify from different things, how and when detoxification is NOT a good idea and what to do about life events that require an uplevelling of detoxification, this show is for you.

We also discuss detoxification pitfalls and when to know you’re not on the right track. Enjoy the show and the wonderful sponsor offer available this month over at


The framework for my discussion with Naomi:

  • The 3 phases of detoxification and what is unique to each
  • Favourite testing to incorporate when working
  • How having built up toxins can affect us – from our liver to our hormones to our metabolism to the amount of inflammation in our bodies – will probably ask through each separately.
  • Pain and fatigue when detoxing, is it ok? How to deal with it. What to expect. How does ‘good detoxing’ look?
  • Strategies for daily/weekly support of detoxing as well as a more heavy duty detox protocol if needed.
  • Detoxing safely from water-based toxins vs fatty-tissue-loving toxins.
  • What do do if trying for a bub/pregnant/breast feeding – where does that leave us on active detoxification efforts?

Audience questions from the Low Tox Club that we incorporated: 

Detoxification when having been on medication, having received shots or perhaps surgery. I’d love to know more on easy safe methods for children when sick and after vaccines etc and also for breastfeeding/pregnant mums.

When do I know when it’s a ‘safe’ herx reaction vs. too intensive / not working when I’m doing a detox protocol, ie, when does one pull the pin?



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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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