Show #153 – Dr Elson Haas on toxins, cleansing, and vibrant health


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And onto this week’s show!

Dr Elson Haas, one of the founders of the Integrative Medicine movement is my guest on today’s podcast. What a treat! Something that has increased in need, while our environment and food has become more and more polluted is detoxification. Our biology was not designed for this morning world and the ol’ “We don’t need to detox, that’s what our liver is for” just doesn’t fly. One form of detoxification that has become popular over the past few decades is juice fasting so I wanted to look into this more deeply with a medical doctor to understand why.

Research shows our bodies thrive on bringing ‘lean times’ in the mix and as long as you’ve spoken to your practitioner and don’t suffer adrenal / cortisol issues, then you may want to look at doing a juice fast. Today we explore what got Dr Haas interested in doing a juice cleanse, how it impacted him as a Doctor and what he then went on to study to bring a more holistic approach to supporting his patients.

We also discuss :

  • When the perfect time of the lunar cycle/year is to do a juice fast.
  • What the keys to overall health are after his many books and decades of medical practice.
  • How to rely less on uppers and downers – chemical OR natural!?
  • How to make lifestyle habit change stick in your life?
  • How to know what foods work for us ultimately?
  • What the 3 things Elson wants you to do this week to be your best thriving self.



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