Show #161 – Supplements: Their Quality, Sourcing, Packaging, and Need


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And onto this week’s show!

Kate Johnston, Naturopath and nutritionist, takes us on a journey looking into supplementation. We look at sourcing, quality, packaging, additives and then also at the act of taking them in general: do we need them, how long to take them, how to feel empowered if you think you’re being prescribed too many, what nutrients are best obtained by food, what situations require us to get added nutrients from supplements when the food isn’t able to provide a therapeutic dose. It’s a great show on what to look for when choosing supplements and how to think more sustainable about the ones we choose.



Questions I asked Kate:

  1. You / your background general chat. 
  2. Supplements: It’s big business now, which means we need to have our eyes wide open about what we’re taking, where it comes from, how it’s made and if we really need it at all… so to start with: What are some of the main reasons some might actually require supplementation? 
  3. How do we know that it’s not just a health professional trying to get more money per appointment (of course, that would rarely be the case, but sometimes when you walk out of an appointment needing 8 different supplements, it can leave you wondering: DO I really need all these? 
  4. Let’s talk considerations when it comes to mineral, vitamin, essential fats, herbs… not all were created equal, right? 
  5. When it comes to sourcing – what are some of the considerations we need to take into account? (fish oil for example, ascorbic acid from GM food sources, lead contamination, silicone, farming methods for herbs, additives and stabilisers…I reckon we’ll talk about this bit for a while going through those.)
  6. When is there a case for long term supplementation of something, ie to combat a genetic mutation etc, vs a short term push for a specific purpose? 
  7. If we have something like poor gut health, how do we ensure we’re actually getting the benefit of that supplement when absorption might be an issue? 
  8. Pill, capsule, powder, injection: What’s the best way to ‘get’ our supplementation? 
  9. What are the easiest supplements at clinical doses to get from our food vs popping products? 
  10. How best to we navigate coming off supplements / knowing when it’s not required anymore? Blood tests? Dutch tests? The role of testing in monitoring if the supplement has done its job. 
  11. Anything else that comes up / you want to chat about just let me know before we hit record. 

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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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  1. HI Alexx! I would love a copy of Melanie’s album she has such a beautiful voice. Thank you for another amazing and information podcast.


  2. HI Alexx, could you please advise if there are any show notes for this podcast (161) – maybe I’m not looking in the right spot? Thanks, Kim
    P.S. thank you for all the amazing work you do – you are an inspiration.

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