Show #162 – Acne – The Holistic Way Forward with Asha Evertsz


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And onto this week’s show!

In this week’s show, we talk about a painful subject for the many that experience it: ACNE, where I invite Clear Skin expert with multiple qualifications and past acne sufferer herself, Asha Evertsz onto the show. Whether you’re a teen, parent of a teen or experiencing bouts of or chronic adult acne, this show is for you or for someone you can think of that needs it. Thanks in advance for forwarding it onto anyone out there who needs it. We talk through every aspect of acne to leave you feeling like you know what to do next, from diet and lifestyle to medications, to prevention and breakout SOS strategy (Loved the ginger tip!) I hope this week’s show is useful for you and as always you can check out the show supporter offers over at Alexx x.


Questions I asked Asha:

  • Empowerment around one’s skin wasn’t just a clinical interest for you it was personal, right? Let’s start there.
  • The pill, roacutane, steroids, and antibiotics: All prescribed in various cases for skin conditions: We want to share a different path today as long term medication of any kind carries with it side effects. Where do we start!?
  • I’ve heard of skin needling – what do we need to know about that form of treatment/therapy?
  • What practitioners can we bring into our support team when experiencing chronic acne?
  • What kind of tests are beneficial: ie, inflammation markers, hormones, and other pathology testing?
  • Is adult acne different from teen acne?
  • What are some of the main causes of adult acne?
  • What do breakouts on different areas of the face tell us?
  • Back and shoulder acne or decoltage/chest acne – what’s that about?
  • What lifestyle circumstances tend to precede breakouts?
  • In a world of dietary protocol wars: Which is best for our skin and why? (I have a feeling you’ll say Paleo so I might ask a clarifying question: Do you think that people that have miracle healings from acne and other issues who “GO” paleo/vegan/keto/etc it’s often because of what they were eating before, rather than the variation of wholefood based diet they’ve moved to?
  • Thoughts on dairy as a trigger for acne? What about sugar/starches?
  • Obsessing about skin: This is a huge one I’d imagine as acne is as much a mentally tough experience not just physical? How do we work on the negative self talk side of things?
  • Acne SOS: You feel the break out coming on… A big flare up: Recommendations for what to do when breaking out, topically and on the inside
  • How does sleep impact our skin?
  • How does exercise impact our skin – any positives/negatives?
  • Let’s talk nutritional beauty not necessarily linked to acne support/prevention: What can we do from the inside out to care for our skin, maintain collagen levels, prevent sagging etc?

Other helpful links:

To know more about Asha and the Clear Skin Experts:

Follow them on Instagram @the_acne_activist_ or on Facebook.

And the tests that Asha mentions:

General path for acne includes assessment of:
– anion gap (acidity)
– crp, esr, alb/glob ratio (inflammation)
– liver enzymes, bilirubin (liver detox, Gilbert’s syndrome)
– iron studies, B12 & folate, zinc/copper ratio, vitamin D (nutrient status)
– thyroid studies
– am cortisol (stress response)
– estrogen & progesterone; LH;FSH, prolactin, sex hormone binding globulin, free & total testosterone, DHT, DHEA (sex hormones)
– glucose & insulin
– lipid panels
– scrape/swabs (to determine if fungal or staph)
– sometimes ANAs if acne looks a little like rosacea/lupus like (autoimmune)
– GI Map


Enjoy the show and thanks again for taking the time to rate and review the show on your app – it’s like tipping the bartender and it means the world.

Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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  1. Hi thank you! I loved the show today. I’ve struggled with adult acne for years upon years and have finally gotten things under control. I’ve done this naturally through diet, stress reduction, phase 2 liver detox support etc etc etc and it has taken me a life time (or so it’s felt) to nail it but I finally made it! Yep! my skin got me to change my priorities and take many long hard looks at my beliefs and all the ways I’ve been so unkind to myself. It has been a long, long road but It has ultimately made me into a better human. God I would never have imagined it possible and if you’d asked me a few years ago, I’d have just cried.
    Aaaaanyway, I am now left with scarring and pigmentation that I’d love to work on reducing. It was touched upon briefly in the show that these could both potentially be helped and I would be so grateful for more info on how exactly to go about it. Thanks x

    1. Post

      So sorry you’ve had your struggles but glad there was a silver lining for you. I’ll add scarring and pigmentation to the next episode with Asha early next year x

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