Show #163 – Navigating Life’s Big Decisions with Dan Palmer


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And onto this week’s show!

When I first had Dan Palmer on the show, the feedback was a resounding “More Please!”. Why? Because often when big decisions come up in life, we don’t know how to navigate them from a place of empowerment. We are so often consumed by the uncertainty of the outcomes, driven by fear and even when we decide, we can be preoccupied with “Is this the right decision?”. Dan Palmer literally wrote the thesis on holistic decision making and in this show, talks about Quality of Life Statements, fear in decision making and we take a look at Bec’s situation with her career and Lisa’s situation deciding on schooling options to see how best to play out our decision making phase. Enjoy the show and I hope it helps support your decision-making process on your journey! The show supporter offers and show notes can be found at 



The Framework for our Discussion:

Dan – wonderful to have you back on the show. For anyone who didn’t listen to our first chat it’s show #84 and you must…. but to get people up to speed on the concept of holistic decision making: What is it, why did you coin the phrase or build on frameworks for decision making that existed? 

What was the last time since we spoke last, that you’ve used holistic decision-making principles in yours or your family’s life? 

Making big decisions in life: How do we take fear out of the equation? Ie, unwarranted fear and apprehension which is probably just fear of change… so that we can make powerful, positive decisions that move us forward. 

And now today… we talk about big decisions people are either facing or fearing and how to move through them effectively and with the best outcome for all involved. 

Lisa: I have two girls (6 & 8) who aren’t coping in school (ASD/anxiety). School refusal is high. Our current conversation is: do we try another school (even smaller/different pedagogy)  or actually move to home-schooling method? Hello Lisa and over to you Dan… 

Bec says: One I’ve been struggling with since we moved to a different town.  Do I just get a job and have regular income and the headspace it could possibly provide (being self employed for 12 plus years it’s just a guess I’ll go to work do my thing and leave) or do I continue on with Thermomix then find my path with a business coaching course I’m doing.  Head vs heart with career really. Pro’s and cons of working for self in passion project Haha. And husband in my ear saying just get a job!!!

Once we’ve been through those 3 situations, what I’ll do is then ask for a recap on the framework: Where do we start with life’s big decisions? How do we become better communicators about vulnerable feelings around life’s big decisions? And a few more tips from you on holistic decision making ninja skills and then we’ll wrap up. 


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