Show #164 – Could you grow or wild-forage every bite of food you ate for a whole year? Meet Rob Greenfield


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Ponder this: Do you think you could grow or wild forage absolutely EVERYTHING you consumed for an entire year? Well, Rob Greenfield is 1 week shy of completing a whole year of doing so and today we talk about his latest “Food Freedom” project, talking everything from how he planned, travelled, what medical precautions he took, what he found hard and what was easy and what he’s looking forward to eating when he’s done. We also go on to talk about foraging, traveling and carbon emissions and being beholden to money and how to reverse that a little in one’s life. Enjoy the show, it’s such a pleasure to have Rob back to chat again bringing with him his infectious enthusiasm for doing better by people and planet. Alexx.



The Questions I Asked Rob:

  • So, a year being responsible for the growing, catching and preparing of literally every bite of food you’ve consumed over the past year. Where do we start? Let’s start with the motivation to do so, as it’s a nice place from where we left off last time…
  • What kind of study/planning did you undertake? 
  • What was the toughest thing to grow?
  • Were you followed/did you check in with a Doctor at any point along the way? Anything medically interesting about the journey in terms of how your health was impacted – either positively or negatively? 
  • How was travelling while you’ve been committed to this project?
  • What were some of your favourite foraged discoveries?
  • Let’s talk about the roadkill moment
  • Tiny house
  • I’d imagine, given you’re so open to connecting with like minds, that opportunities sprouted throughout this past year, to connect deeply with others. Can you share what some of those ‘new friend’ experiences have been while undertaking this? 
  • You have about two weeks to go – Most people who do a ‘strict dietary protocol’ of some kind, radically shifting the way they eat for a period, fantasise about what they’d eat if they could – is there anything on your done-day that you’re getting a hankering for, or has detachment from desire for certain foods become a part of the learning on this journey? 
  • How much of a part of your success to this point was having your tiny house in Orlando? 
  • Why the decision to move it to @SustainableKashi eco village, so close to the end of your time? (We’ll probably talk about communal living, the true spirit of the village that you’re finding living there too. 
  • You said on Insta the other day, while you didn’t have any retirement savings, you felt more secure than you believe most people to be as they get older. Can you elaborate? 
  • How do you reconcile something like a speaking tour from an environmental perspective? 
  • For people feeling sad that they’re so disconnected – perhaps even ashamed, if they’ve only just realised… What are the simplest, most positive steps people can take to reconnect to their food source?


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  1. Such an amazing podcast! Kudos to a follow Wisconsinite!!! Had to look up Rob’s TED talk and share it with my friends and co-workers. Thanks for all you do, Alex , to bring us all more awareness to our impact on our planet.

  2. I would love to win a Waters Co so that I could not worry about the quality of water that goes into my family’s water bottle each day.

  3. Loved this podcast!
    I’d love to win a Waters Co as its something on my list of Low Tox Life to action when I can! Water is life! I’d love to be able to have that peace of mind that the water we are drinking is safe and clean.

  4. This filter system is on my big ticket, “one day” list of changes to make for our family. Best wishes to everyone, and thank you Alexx for the work that you do.

  5. Awesome chat! So love his commitment!

    I would LOVE to win this WatersCo BIO 500 water filter – I have become even more motivated to somehow commit to investing in a water filter system after reading more and more on the impact of toxins & heavy metals on children’s mental development and behavioural issues, given where I find myself with my young children. In particular my son who drinks HEAPS of water. It would be the best addition to our home for our family’s health and all the little (& big!) friends that we love welcoming into our home and try our best to nourish while they’re here.
    Thanks for bringing all this quality info to us, Alexx!

  6. Inspirational and motivational podcast, loved it and everything you share. Would love to win the water filter, it’s the last piece in the low fox puzzle for me and will be some time off being able to add onto my life, although the piggy is slowly filling. Thank you Waters Co for being so generous xxx

  7. Love your podcast and your top tips for leading a low tox life. I purchased the WatersCo jug after listening to a previous podcast and love it. My family (husband and children) have also taken a liking to my jug and now I need to upgrade to a bigger unit.

  8. I love your podcast and Rob. I have followed him on his foraging journey. Good job Rob.
    My son is moving out of home soon and the water in Adelaide is HORRID. I would love to be able to give this to him for this housewarming. <3

  9. Totally love LTL! I have recently been searching for a water filter to filter out Fluoride to reduce toxins for my family 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity to win this amazing filter!

  10. I’d love to win this water filter to give to either my parents- who always have had a keen interest in the quality of drinking water but never had the resources or time to delve deeply into it as they grow sheep & cattle out in central QLD in normally, or to my sister & her family- who are expecting a baby very soon & i’d love to give them a gift of health, or to my brother & his wife- who are passionate about learning more towards inner health and are quite influencial to all of their peers. We need everyone to get on board & build a low tox life!

  11. LOVE all your podcasts. Am reading your book, it freaks me out but in a good way. I’m slowly changing the way out family lives to be healthier for us and our world. A water filter is NUMBER ONE on my wish list, I would LOOOOVE one So that I can feel better about the water quality myself my husband and my 2 year old daughter and bub-on-the-way all drink so much of! This would make my YEAR to win this. Best give away EVER!!! ❤

  12. Why would I love to win the Waters Co filter?

    I could list a million reasons, but my head is spinning at the moment because today I learnt what fluoride actually is, where it comes from and the dodgy science behind the introduction of fluoride into our drinking water. Ive had a water filter on my “wish list” for the past few years knowing there were lots of nasties in it, but now I feel like it’s a NEED.

    Our family has been on a low tox journey for the past few years. As many people are, I was triggered by the birth of my first child to make changes and learn more about how the way we live as a family, the food we eat and how the environment we live in impacts all aspects of our lives- I wanted to provide opportunity and knowledge for my children.

    Boy it’s been a bumpy road, Alexx you have, and continue to teach me so much and lead me to reputable sources of information for further reading and brands I know I can trust. Often revelations along this journey feel really unfair and leave me questioning; how are these things allowed to happen? Who lets these products be made, or chemicals added to our food sources?! But today your chat with Rob was much needed light at the end of the tunnel for me, after the doom and gloom of learning the details of fluoride, It showed me that it can be done- we can live our best life! With some hard work and commitment we can do it without the large price tags! We can say no to the “system” and all of the “marketing” that goes along with it.

    So I got a little off track there… but I guess the bottom line is that I want the best for my family, especially my young children. The Waters Co filter seems to be exactly that..the best. Removing fluoride..and all the other nasties but also putting the good things back!

  13. If I won this water filter I would give it to my daughter who is trying so very hard to make positive changes for her young children, my gorgeous grandchildren (3months old and 3 years old). Where we live there are often algea outbreaks in the water and you can taste the chlorine. My daughter has made huge changes in her home, she is taking the time to educate everyone else in our family too, trying to help us understand her reasons for change, sometimes with resistance- but she continues to persevere! She is the reason I listen to this podcast, truth be told before hand I didn’t even know what a podcast was. It would mean the world to her to be gifted such an amazing prize, and it’s peace of mind for me to know my daughter and grandchildren would be benefiting from having a water filter. My daughter often talks about how bad the tap water is for us, this would be my opportunity to help her make that change.

  14. This would be fantastic!! I’m currently saving up for a water filter as we’ve just had to buy water to fill our tanks. The water killed my g/f sourdough starter (my new health venture), and the kids can taste the chlorine in the delivered water and are turning their noses up at it . I’ve been wanting to get one of these water filters since doing your low tox course and would love to be considered for this.
    Thanks Alex 🙂

  15. Those pesky squirrels eating the sunflowers seeds, I had to laugh but its certainly makes you realise just how much we don’t know where our food comes from.
    To want to make your own sunflower butter and wait all this time for the seeds to be ready, licking your lips just waiting for that right moment, for that one night the squirrels get and eat them would be devastating. In today’s society we just go to the shop and buy a jar and it never occurs to me just what it would of meant to actually make this if I had too, but this is the squirrels food too, they are just living on the land as well.

    I loved what he said about the spices and cacao to be trucked in but things like water when we don’t need too.

    Thank you Alex for interviewing these amazing people and giving me a real understanding of this. OMG what an amazing prize to be given away, good luck to everyone. Keep up the amazing podcasts I listen each week.

  16. What a great episode. I would love to win a water filter for so many reasons – I am currently on a mission to gradually turn my home low tox, and the introduction of this great water filter would help ensure we are drinking the cleanest water possible. I am also trying to normalize low tox through small changes, and encouraging my partner to make the switch too – introducing this to our kitchen would be a great help, he loves a new gadget!

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