Show #166 – Why you need to “Talk it out” with Chris Barez-Brown


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Chris Barez-Brown began in the army and took a big u-turn into brand management and subsequently innovation and leadership development. Sensing there was so much pain in people, so much more potential and connectedness, Chris went about deepening his workshops into spirituality and fulfillment, and runs programs called “Upping your Elvis” and, newly, a social enterprise called Talk it Out which has been proven to help reduce stress levels and increase self-awareness – if anything it instantly highlights how rarely we go deep when talking to people – hopes, dreams, the things that trouble us. Chris’s passion is to help people become more energetic and collaborative and his training, including meditation, allows people to get their energy right and bring their talents and sense of flow to the fore. It’s a lovely end of year chat to pave the way for a deeper connection to ourselves and others in 2020. I hope you enjoy it, Alexx x


The Framework for our discussion:

He recently created and launched a new social enterprise programmed called  Talk It Out, which has been proven to help reduce stress levels and increase self-awareness.

As well as his Talk it Out initiative and the benefits, he could discuss how he helps people become more energetic and collaborative, and how his training, including meditation, allows people get their energy right and bring their talent to life in business.

The Questions I asked Chris:

  • Your story and what led you to feel you could make a contribution to others living their best lives? 
  • In your TedX talk, you talk about what you and your partner did to decide whether or not you’d have kids… I’d love you to share that process and what you discovered not only about what you both ended up wanting but about decision making in general… 
  • Something I was thinking as I was watching your online content preparing for the interview, was that it was so different to see a British bloke talking about gratitude, doing what energises you and ditching the booze… I realised that this was historically an American or spiritual ‘guru’ conversation and that made me wonder: why? What is it about the British culture that makes us not so likely to seek personal evolution, spiritual practice, deep happiness? 
  • Your book “Wake Up” talk about autopilot and why we might have found ourselves there: Have you been there? How did you snap out of it and what do you believe should be our screening and SOS process for when we find ourselves in autopilot
  • One of the places we can be most on autopilot is at work. We’ve created a culture of work as ‘have to’ and everything else as ‘want to’, making it easy for us to disconnect from the potential for work to be exciting, creating and enriching rather than just our Tuesday night ceramics class and summer week in Italy providing those feelings… For somewhere we spend a third or more of our day, most of the week… what can we do to shake that up? 
  • Now… Onto “Talk it Out?” Beyond energising people in their work lives, you have brought focus onto general mental wellbeing. What was the motivation to bring your focus to this and create talk it out . org? 
  • How does it work? 
  • It got me to thinking how long it takes to get to the deep stuff when catching up with friends… Is this our handy short cut? 
  • How do we move from having lots of acquaintances to people we can share deeply with if we feel stuck there? 
  • What do you feel are some of the simplest things we can do beyond talking for mental health and a sense of deep wellbeing – I know for you that’s cold water swimming? 
  • I’m sure we’ll tangent and twist from the questions above a few times and anything else you want to ensure comes up, we can chat about before hitting record. 


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His two books: Wake Up! and Shine, How to Survive and Strive at Work are available on the Book Depository.

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