Show #167 – Meet Steve Posselt: Author. Engineer. Climate Activist.


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Steve Posselt is an inspiring change maker whose story I am so happy to bring to the show where we talk about water issues, climate change, activism, personal empowerment and what to do when people vehemently disagree with you on big issues such as this. When he talks about the risks of climate change he does it in the most powerful way I’ve heard. He’s a 66-year-old civil and water engineer, adventurer, and grandfather. He’s a Fellow of Engineers Australia and has been a climate activist for well over a decade, using extremely long kayak journeys to promote awareness and education. Currently chair of the Sustainable Engineering Society he is working with Engineers Australia to come to grips with the urgency for climate change action. Old Yella, his wheeled kayak, has served him faithfully for 12 years over 12,000km, with almost 2,000km of that dragging it overland. Using his engineering knowledge his goal has been to alert people to the real risks that climate change presents and to put them into perspective against infrastructure risk calculations that we all depend on. Steve is passionate about doing whatever he can to provide a suitable world for his grandchildren. He is the author of Cry Me a River. Tough Is Not Enough is his second book. I hope you enjoy the conversation and benefit from it, sharing it with family and friends. Don’t forget, of course, the show supporter offer over at Enjoy!


The Framework for our discussion:

I wanted to talk to Steve about how his awareness of climate change came to pass, and what shifted him from knowledge to activism, as it’s a fascinating journey. I also wanted to bring you his risk analysis of climate change because I believe it cuts through brilliantly. So we hear in this discussion, a bit of Steve’s journey into becoming an engineer, what then led him to activism and why the way he did it was what he chose, and then a broader conversation about what we can all do. I hope you enjoy it.


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  1. WOW just listened to the podcast with Steve Posselt. Soooo interesting but scared as well that we have dumbed down the population including our really dumb politicians. Bring on the emotion as clearly science and facts have not worked. I fear for my grandchildren

    1. Post

      Glad you enjoyed the podcast Ianthe. We’ve got to stay positive and continue educating our little humans about the small actions they can take. xx

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