Show #168 – Low Tox Pets with animal naturopath Ruth Hatten


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And onto this week’s show!

Do you have pets? Know someone who does? This is the episode for them! Animal Naturopath Ruth Hatten takes us into the world of holistic pet care for cats and dogs, from nutrition to dental hygiene to parasites and vaccinations, we discuss the ins and outs of it all. So if you’ve ever been wondering if grains are ok for dogs or which kibble to get (newsflash: NONE!) or how often you should worm your cat… It’s all in here for you to learn from. We couldn’t cover it all so I’m going to do a live session Q&A with Ruth on more home remedies, washing and grooming, coat care and supplements with the Low Tox Club members, which you can join anytime through Patreon for just $4USD a month.

The questions I asked Ruth:

  • When a little dog or cat is born, what might be some of the differences between engaging your services and the services of a traditional vet in those early months?
  • Vaccines and pets – are there some vaccines that are more important than others? Is there anything we can do to support our pets’ pre/post vaccination?
  • Fleas – both cats and dogs are prone to them, how do we prevent them naturally? Some flea treatments carry risks ie potential cardiac and nervous system side effects so it’d be great to have some tips and tricks for naturally treating them/preventing.
  • Worms/parasites – Do we need to routinely worm them / what does holistic parasite care look like and is it different for cats/dogs?
  • I have found in buying doggy treats occasionally for my mum in law’s 3 Kelpies at the farm, that there are crazy additives making their way into doggie treats – colours, processed grains, I even saw palm oil in one of them… Call me crazy but why the heck do we need doggie liver treats to look more ‘red’ etc? Any tips for navigating packaged options?
  • What about cleaning dog/cat teeth and the ‘dry food’ being good for their teeth – myth or true? What to use for optimal dental hygiene?

Questions that I’ll be asking Ruth for the Live Facebook chat in the club (You can ask more questions in the comments if you’re a clubber or joining us there this week, and I’ll get through as many as we can!)

  • Let’s look at cats: What are some of the essentials our cats need for great health – what’s a healthy cat lifestyle? hehe.
  • How long can you leave a cat alone – I know 90% of the time cats would rather be alone, but how alone is too alone?
  • Do our cats catch a cold?
  • What about when cats get bad stuff – tumours/ cancer – is there anything we can do to support them naturally?
  • When cats get into fights and scratch each other – what can we use as antiseptic/healing treatments instead of hitting the pharmaceuticals?
  • What’s the best diet for kittens – I remember none the wiser being told to give our kitten milk from those long-life kitten milk cartons – surely there’s a better way?
  • And a grown cat?
  • A sick cat diet – what’s important to try to nourish them with?
  • Essential oils and pets – topical use do’s / don’ts and what is/isn’t safe to diffuse around them?
  • Something I worry about in the age of glyphosate/RoundUp being sprayed everywhere still along with other insecticides and herbicides – how is this affecting our pets/any research you can share? How can we mitigate risks?
  • When our dogs have an upset gut are probiotics safe to administer? How do we get them back to health?
  • How to deal with skin irritations + hotspots on our doggies – without steroid creams. Is it possible?
  • Do dogs need stimulation if left for a few hours or are they happy at home sleeping? How long is too long without their people?
  • Doggies (well, and cats) can get sore joints as they age – Should we be supporting their joints with anything specific?

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  1. Really enjoyed listening to Ruth. I have 3 dogs, one with a chronic illness so look forward to your next interview with her.

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