Show #169 – Dr Ann Shippy: Treatment protocols for mold illness


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This week, the wonderfully talented Dr Ann Shippy from Austin, Texas joins me on the show to discuss environmental toxin illness, specifically mould/mold. Ann’s words about the way she practices “My approach to medicine is a unique blend of measured, precise data with a heartfelt and sympathetic attitude towards all of my patients. This method stems from my engineering background and my own failed experience as a patient of traditional medicine. I treat patients suffering from any combination of physical, environmental or genetic issues. The science and research that directly relate our environment and nutrition to health, prompted me to found two health-based foundations. My hope is to contribute to and inspire a positive movement towards solving some of the more complex health challenges we face today – and to help create a world where everyone has the opportunity for wellness.” A deeply caring physician, an expert in detoxification and a desire to get people well, enjoy today’s show.

Be sure to head to Dr Shippy’s website to download your “Could it be Mold” Free download.

And her book “Mold Toxicity Workbook” is available through Amazon


The Questions I asked Ann:

  • Welcome to the show & a start with a little bit about your journey into becoming a physician and why integrative, functional medicine approach spoke to you?
  • Can you share briefly your 6 essential aspects to address for one’s best health?
  • Now, toxicity is mentioned there obviously, and mold toxicity is what we’re specifically going to discuss today… when did mold come onto your radar as something that was a barrier to people’s health?
  • You’ve had your own experience with mold, right?
  • Can you talk us through the difference between a mold allergy and chronic inflammatory response from mold?
  • Some of the inflammatory symptoms that appear unique to mold-caused illness that we can look out for?
  • The reason one of us can be sick in the family and the next person seems completely fine?
  • Why should we be really worried about mold: The connection between mold, fungal infections, autoimmune and Alzheimer’s?
  • Why is it so hard to get mold illness formally recognised as an illness do you think? Insurance companies worried that all of a sudden thousands of buildings will need remediating etc? Seems crazy that something like this is so hard to get treatment for when 24% ish of people are affected?
  • Now let’s move onto testing/treating..What role does cutting edge genetics testing support us if we’re mold-affected?
  • What set of testing do you find the most comprehensive when it comes to mold diagnostics and knowing where you need to go with treatment for that patient?
  • What is the low budget way to navigate diagnosis and potential course of treatment?
  • You have a wonderful PDF (and Mold workbook on Amazon) that we’ve put in the show notes with practical information and guidance and on your Ten steps to healing, you say to start with the gut: Can you talk us through why there first?
  • Sensitivity to detoxification: How to optimise the body before detoxifying?
  • What’s your view on pharmaceutical binders vs nature-derived ones?
  • Let’s talk through some of the key supplements for mold illness and the role of each?
  • How do we know if we’re just needing to ride a Herx wave or if more harm than good is happening, at any particular healing stage?
  • What are you excited about coming through in the newer research and treatments for mold illness?




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Be sure to head to Dr Shippy’s website to download your “Could it be Mold” Free download.

And her book “Mold Toxicity Workbook” is available through Amazon


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  1. I’m listening to this episode right now and re the hepa air filters – Ann mentioned the IQ Air air purifiers – I just wanted to comment that yes you can get them in Australia – I have one. I bought it via the IQ Air website and more recently got replacement filters. It is not a cheap beastie but is very very good. Love your show, I listen every week.

  2. Hi there, how can I find out more about the genetic testing mentioned in this podcast? I’m interested in the testing Dr Shippy talks about where you can isolate which gene is being affected by the mycotoxin. I’ve tried emailing her office for more information with no luck. My Doctors in Australia haven’t heard of this. Thank you, Natalia

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