Show #171 – Rebecca Wildbear: A Deeper connection to yourself, the earth and your dreams


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Welcome to 2020 and our very first show of the year. This year the podcast will still cover the broad scope of topics that leading a low tox life encompasses from food to body to home, mind, parenting, relationships and more but we’re going to do it in series where for 4-5 shows we focus on one aspect so we can dig deep and explore different aspects of the topic before moving to the next one. I’m excited and I hope you are too.

To begin a fresh year and our ‘game changers’ series that is the first mini series of the year, I’m overjoyed to bring you Rebecca Wildbear a river and soul guide. What’s that you say? Easier to understand that she’s got a John Hopkin’s University masters in counselling? Yes, she has a masters in counselling but where she’s taken it is what’s truly wonderful: A therapist and wilderness guide since 1997, Rebecca utilizes her training and experience with counselling, yoga, meditation, Hakomi, and somatic psychotherapy to support individuals in discovering and manifesting their soul gifts. A guide for Animas Valley Institute (, Rebecca is also the creator of Wild Yoga™, a practice of worship, veneration, and advocacy for Earth.

Rebecca brings SO much to today’s interview based on her work as a river and soul guide, compassionately helping people tune in to the mysteries that live within the wild Earth community, Dreamtime, and their own wild Nature. She gently ushers people to the underground river of their greater story, so they may embrace their sacred gifts, live a life of creative service, and rediscover their deep belonging to the Earth community. So the game changer today is YOU if you dare.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Sponsor details and offer available below.


The Questions I asked Rebecca:

  • There are so many things I’ve intrigued about and have no prior knowledge of so I’m truly excited about this conversation, Rebecca. 
  • First things first: Wildbear: The perfect, most fortuitous surname ever or something you felt called to change to?
  • Counseling Masters at John Hopkins University:  What drew you to counselling and from that when did the desire to integrate that study with reconnecting people to nature come from? 
  • Where did your love of the land come from? Any big influences in your life that steered you to this life long passion and connection? 
  • When you listen to nature, what do you hear? 
  • I want to ask you about the things you do and use in your work, so we can best understand the terms when they pop up. 
  • Do you remember the first time you did Dreamwork?
  • What does doing this work mean to the modern human? Why do we need it?
  • When people come out with you into the wilderness for a few days, can you visibly see them peeling back their layers over the time?
  • Does fear feature in people’s exploration of themselves and the wild landscape initially? Do people easily mature beyond material fears provided the right support is around them in the setting?
  • What are the main reasons you hope for more people to find ways to do these practices?
  • When a person checks out of their daily schedule to do this work, what are the best practices to keep the magic alive in their day today?
  • I see you’re coming to Australia – lucky Tassie peeps – and also to Utah in the US in 2020 for group trips. Exciting! Can you tell us a bit about those locations, why you chose them?



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