Show #172 – The Plastic Crisis with Brett Chamberlin, Story of Stuff.


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And onto this week’s show!

This week as we go into our changemakers series, the first mini series of the year on the Low Tox Life podcast, I invite an inspiring activist and advocate, Brett Chamberlin, to join me on the show. Brett is the Director of Engagement at the Story of Stuff, known for their high-impact animations that illustrate some of the biggest challenges the world faces, as well as what we can do to be a part of the solution.

In today’s show, we discuss being the change we wish to see, how to be an impactful part of a bigger movement, what the state of the plastic crisis is today and what we can all do about it at every level of society. It will leave you more hopeful and resources than you started and I’m forever inspired by the work Story of Stuff do to drive important pollution issues of all kinds forward. Enjoy the show!


The Questions I asked Brett:

  • Your story and how you came to care about plastic pollution, ultimately to go on working with Story of Stuff? 
  • What were your biggest lessons as an activist? 
  • Curious about the personal journey you would have taken to realising you could affect more change through SOS? Absolutely fine not to go there though.
  • Give us some cold hard facts about the current state of play? 
  • How is it that in 2019 we’re still designing for single use for so many things? 
  • And how is it that people toss rubbish on the side of the road: Where are we failing systemically (parents not treating it as part of life education? Education system itself?)
  • What do you believe is the most effective way to accelerate awareness for plastic pollution – we’re still very much a minority of peeps who care but what’s it going to take for a reduced plastic lifestyle to become the norm? 
  • Internationally coordinating efforts – how do we get more small organisations to all join forces and grow the voice for change?
  • How do we get on top of what’s out there AND the habits that will stop us having to ‘fix’ things – is it a case of needing a multi-pronged approach of repair AND prevention for this challenge? This is surely why we need to be thinking of global coalition rather than tonnes of tiny efforts? 
  • How does the Story of Stuff plan to step of your efforts in 2020 and beyond? 
  • What gives you a sense of hope each day and when you’re not feeling particularly hopeful, perhaps defeated, how do you keep focused, pick yourself back up on those days?



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