Show #175 – Charles Eisenstein: On love, society, nature and climate.


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This week’s guest, Charles Eisenstein, always has me asking more questions than I had to start with. I honestly wanted to talk for many more hours. Charles is a teacher, speaker, and writer focusing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution. His writings on  garner a huge readership. I urge you to go take a spin and get lost in there for a few days after our conversation. In today’s show, we talk about love, self-love, the shame around asking for help, disconnection from each other and our natural world, and climate change – all in an hour! Not bad, hey? I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I have. If you find yourself a sensitive being in these times, feeling a bit bruised and battered, then I hope this conversation is of comfort and takes you toward a believing that we can all cultivate a place of peace and positive action, starting with one and spreading to many. 

The Questions I asked Charles:

  • Were you always an inquiring mind as a kid? How was curiosity and big picture pondering fostered in you as you grew up? 
  • What did learning about the passenger pigeons from your Dad teach you? 
  • Let’s talk about hate and needing to be ‘right’ in debates online, arguments between political groups… counterproductive often to moving forward: How can we move from this divisive, ‘right at all costs’ new attitude whether it’s in politics, dietary dogma, climate ‘debate’ to remembering the fundamental difference between moral right and wrong and remembering where our desires all overlap and becoming more understanding of people’s situations?
  • Why do we feel the need to ‘work on’ self love then? What helps us feel like we’re doing self love ‘well’ in the end? 
  • What do we all crave that perhaps is missing right now and giving way to all the fights/creating all these ‘enemies’? 
  • Why are we ashamed to ask for help? 
  • Let’s talk about the story of separation: How did we come to be so separate from nature? 
  • Modern education/Economy moves us away from – in fact trains us – to stop listening to our hearts: I love this but then we need a way back: What’s the plan? How the heck to we get enough people to agree on a plan or that it might even be worth journeying back to the heart in the first place? 
  • Moving into talking about Planet Health / Climate: A new story… The path to a better partnership with our planet relies as I’ve heard you share, on us shifting our view from planet as parent to planet as lover: A true partnership. I love this. How did you arrive at this realisation? I love the baby/mother anecdote to illustrate this so it’d be great if you could share that…
  • What’s missing from today’s climate action groundswell? Why isn’t it working yet? 
  • Let’s talk about the focus on carbon when we talk about global warming and whether that’s helping or hindering the path towards a healthier planet? 
  • And then will the change required all happen at the grassroots pushing up? 
  • What is your hope that you see as an old man looking back on society in the next 50 years? 



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Watch “Climate — Inside and Out”: a series derived from the main concepts of his book “Climate, A New Story”

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