Show #180 – Guy Lawrence: Living in the present moment


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And onto this week’s show!

As our low tox mind mini-series continues on the show, this week Guy Lawrence is back. We focus on finding joy in the present moment and even though this was recorded a fraction before things blew up into the Covid19 storm we’re in, it’s perfect and useful to us especially at this time. Guy is a coach, speaker, wellness advocate and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Let It In. A program designed to help people bridge the gap between the life they live and the life they truly want to live using meditation and the language of neuroscience. With over 15 years in the health and fitness industry, Guy has explored many facets of health including what’s deemed ‘alternative’. Through his explorations he has measured the effects on the body; from using meditation and neuroscience to create altered states of consciousness, shamanic rituals, cold exposure and breathwork to name a few. Guy’s passion is demystifying the process and separating the woo woo from practical applications that help create transformation in one’s life. I know you’ll enjoy this show and find it both soothing and useful.

The questions I asked Guy:

  • How doing a plant based medicine journey changed the direction of my life.
  • You’ve explored so many aspects of the inner work… what did you find and how has that showed up in your life? (For me the big question is: what is consciousness and what it means to be human?)
  • In the past 14 months you’ve run five sold out retreats called “Live In Flow”. Why are they called Live In Flow and what can someone expect when they join you to do that work? 
  • You took your 75 year old mum to the retreat in January. What happened?
  • Once people have returned home… what are some of the practical things that help us integrate ourselves back into life, but forward in our own personal development: How do people make a success of that so it doesn’t feel like 2 days later it’s business as usual and that inspired feeling they felt is ‘over there’. 
  • Let’s talk about the impact of memories / negative things that have happened: does the body hold memories of the past? And how does it affect us?
  • Sometimes we’re so desperate to change but we lack a basic framework and you’ve got four pillars you like to teach people: What are they? Awareness – Acceptance – Intention – Action


Other helpful links:

To know more about Guy Lawrence and his works:

And feel free to connect with Guy on Instagram @guyhlawrence. He’s also on Facebook.

Check @flowretreats for updates on Live In Flow Retreats or visit their FB Page.


And I mentioned also a past podcast with Dr Joan Rosenberg on navigating intense emotions and thriving in life with and despite them – absolutely worth a re-listen right now, right? Listen to that one here.


Our show supporter this month is…

I’m very grateful for this perfectly aligned offer for you guys right now. Our show supporter this month is today’s guest, Guy Lawrence. He knew there’d be a lot of confusion and stress out there in the times we’re in and he has put together a very generous “Live in flow” resource kit for our community, bless him! Exactly what we need, right?

Here’s what’s in your free Live In Flow Resources Kit:

Due to global circumstances, we have put together an incredible resource kit to help people through these challenging times. Kit Includes:

  • An in-depth webinar of the Live In Flow principles & the four pillars to embrace change – Awareness – Acceptance – Intention – Action.
  • 3 x guided meditations. One from Guy, Matt & Petra.
  • 2 x ebooks. Guy’s 5 Step Morning routine to start the day empowered. Matt’s biohacking the body with sound.

Grab your resource kit here –



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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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