Show #181 – Sage Magdalene: Deeper conversations with the natural world


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And onto this week’s show!

It’s hard to put into words the crux of what this show is all about because it’s a way of thinking and being as new to me as it perhaps might be to you too. You’re just going to have to trust me on this one that if you’ve experienced any discord in your life at all either through bad dreams, phobias or fighting with others or with yourself, it’s a show that will offer many benefits to you. Have you ever considered having a conversation with a tree? A spider? A bee? All living beings are performing in ways that invite our curiosity, yet so rarely do we stop to contemplate them and in today’s show I invite Animas Institute guide, Sage Magdalene to teach us how it’s done. We also discuss the power of collage in piecing together emotions and challenges that you want to overcome, the power of the moon’s cycles and overall how nature is inviting us all the time to deepen our connection to her and all of her beings.

Enjoy the show!

The questions I asked Sage:

  • You have a gift for hearing and reflecting deep stories of all beings – can you share a reflection on hearing and reflecting a human story recently? 
  • How do you talk to beings/ they talk to you? 
  • When I’ve read about the work you do, you invite people to thresholds and open the door to other worlds – I’d love to unpack what that looks like. 
  • How do our dreams and phobias inform perhaps the lessons we need to learn and beings we need to be more curious about (ie spider dreams/phobias?
  • Reconnecting with nature, you talk about helping people achieve ecological reciprocity – can you dive into what that means? 
  • How do you eat, being so connected with all beings I’m curious to know if that’s a difficult navigation, considering their consciousness, plant or animal? 
  • How do the shifts they experience in that wilderness setting, enable shifts on a bigger scale for the community and world? 
  • In the 12 day retreats, people spend 3 days on their own entirely in the wilderness: Does fear feature in people’s exploration of themselves and the wild landscape initially? Do people easily mature beyond material fears provided the right support is around them in the setting? 
  • What about spiders, snakes, bears, and cougars: Forgive me for being worried, but you’re out in the wild alone: What do you do if you come across one? 
  • What are the main reasons you hope for more people to find ways to do these practices? 
  • Let’s also try and talk about the moon cycle… What does doing the work of following the moon cycle mean to the modern human? Men and women or is this a practice for women? 
  • The role of collage over the month – how did that come about in the practice of blessing our beings in the moon cycle? 
  • Curious: Do you follow politics, see the pain being experienced by many from oppressors and aggressors to victims in the current discourse, or do you choose to not be conscious of all that’s going on and simply focus all energy on the task at hand of connecting us to our fellow beings and the planet? 
  • If you could call on anyone listening to try something new to form deeper connections with our natural world this week: What would it be? 

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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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