Show #184 – Gabriela Rosa: Fertility for the win – even when it’s hard


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And onto this week’s show!

Have you reached a roadblock on your fertility journey? (And if this ship has sailed for you but not for someone you know – can you share this important show with them? Big thank you!) This week I speak with the talented Gabriela Rosa, fertility specialist, who helps people once they believe there is no help left to seek out – AND she and her team produce results; the kind of results that mean cute little bubbas. Fertility can be an emotionally trying time if it’s a difficult road and today we discuss some of the advances that have been made, some of the stones she finds often unturned when couples and individuals come to her for help. I hope you get what you need from this week’s show and invite you to discover Gabriela’s fertility challenge and clinical work, where we have everything you will need to connect to. 


The questions I asked Gabriela:

  • What are some stats that show us where we’re at with fertility these days? 
  • What have the major factors been in our fertility going into decline – men/women 
  • When people come to you they’ve often ‘tried everything’ – but what are some of the things common to you and your team that you can’t believe aren’t more widely looked at / identified as people try to conceive? (It can be tests they haven’t known to do/lifestyle change they didn’t know were important) 
  • Why, even when people want a baby so badly, do they find it hard to shift certain things about their lives? 
  • Stress: If it doesn’t come up in the above… I’ll ask about its impact in today’s fertility picture. 
  • What are your favourite fertility foods to recommend? 
  • How did you personally prepare for conception? 
  • What can someone who wants to conceive ask themselves when they indeed have tried everything possible to do it the natural way and may need to consider other options? 
  • How does one prepare optimally for IVF / mitigate any hormone issues/risks in the long term? 
  • Once there’s a little mango successfully growing, what are your biggest recommendations for a healthy pregnancy? 


Other helpful links:

To know more about Gabriela and her work:

Take her Fertility Quiz here:

And if you want to know more about her most recent Fertility Challenge Event:

You can also join her on Instagram @fertilitybreakthrough and on Facebook


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