Show #186 – Dr Ben Lynch on genes, supplements and intuitive family health


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And onto this week’s show!

I am excited to bring you this week’s wonderful interview with one of my favourite Naturopathic Doctors. Dr. Ben Lynch is the best-selling author of Dirty Genes and President of Seeking Health, a company that helps educate both the public and health professionals on how to overcome genetic dysfunction. He received his doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University. He lives in Seattle, WA with his wife and three sons. Ben is particularly passionate about environmental medicine and in today’s episode we talk about home renovation and wifi/electricity, but also about genetics and his wonderful book, supplements, histamine, probiotics and what the benefit of ‘pulsing’ through your supplement regime might be and becoming a bit more intuitive about how to supplement and when you really might need them.


The questions I asked Ben:

  • Your personal journey as a doctor/choosing ND/how have you landed where you are specifically today do you think?
  • So we’re going to head into talking about environmental stressors and I’d first like to start with: a 101 on Genes/SNPs/Life – not too much to ask, right? You can do that in 10 minutes, surely Ben?
  • Dirty Genes and why knowing a bit more about your genetics and epigenetics is one of the keys to health
  • In this section, we’ll probably have Q’s like “So is this why some of us are more susceptible than others to certain things such as chemicals/EMFs/foods?
  • Supplementation: You have a supplement company, a wonderful one at that that I love recommending, Seeking Health: How safe is it for people to supplement with online advice/doctor’s You Tubes and videos? Are there some safer than others for general lifestyle intervention?
  • What is supplement pulsing? Intuitive supplement taking such as “Today I’m feeling X, so I’ll take Y” and when do we know that perhaps there’s a bigger this to correct that is contributing to the NEED for lots of supps in the first place?
  • You were one of the first NDs to talk about histamine – the thought that people we’re going to have to spend their lives with a Telfast packet in their pocket was no doubt a happy day. Can you share some of your top strategies for histamine overload/processing issues and which genes might be implicated/dirty when we experience this?
  • And given it’s a very “now topic” with our virus challenge: Inflammation and cytokine storms. For those who experience inflammation due to autoimmune diseases/CIRS/arthritic conditions etc… those folks might be more nervous about viruses and infections that float around such as this one and others… What is your “whoa she’s gonna blow” inflammation storm strategy?
  • Where does gut health come into play with our genes? Is it some of the choices we make over the years or antibiotics we take that ‘dirty our guts’ and does doing that dirty our genes?
  • What are some of the chief environmental stressors that alarm you as a doctor?
  • You’ve done a house build in recent years: What were some of the biggest learnings from that experience in designing a truly low tox home for your family?
  • What are some things we can do if we can’t move/rent to ensure we have healthy homes and keep VOCs/EMF/Mould levels to a minimum?
  • Avoidance is a common strategy for the sensitive peeps: Is there hope of increasing our resilience in the face of environmental toxins while we also work to lower exposures?
  • What would you teach your younger self if you could go back in time?
  • What is your hope for medicine in the future – do you think holistic and allopathic interventions can ever make friends or at the very least develop greater respect for one another where warranted?



Other helpful links:

To know more about Dr Ben Lynch and his work: and

If you’re interested in his book, “The Dirty Genes”, you can go grab a copy HERE.

Join him on Instagram @drbrenlynch and on Facebook.


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