Show #187 – Dr Elisa Song on building a healthy immune system


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And onto this week’s show!

Welcome to a week of focusing on all that we CAN do to for our health from TODAY while living in a time of pandemic. There are many public health trials and assessments being made ‘out there’ but rather than waiting and being worried, why not actually remind ourselves of what lifestyle tweaks we can make and foods, herbs and supplements we can incorporate right now that help us be as strong as can be? Dr Elisa Song, paediatrician and founder of “Healthy Kids Happy Kids” is here not just to talk about kids but about what we know about our immune system, the virus and other viruses and what we can do from the research that exists, to stave off infection but improve outcome if we are infected. This is useful immune system information for our tool kits forever more – not just for now – so I hope you enjoy the show and be sure to get a pen and paper ready for this one – you’ll need it!



The Framework for our Discussion:

There’s a lot of talk of what we have to do to be ‘safe’ and there is a lot of waiting for pharmaceutical intervention which has its place in the overall picture of disease management on a global scale… BUT what does the research tell us we already know about being resilient to disease, repairing and strengthening our immune systems that we don’t have to wait another minute to benefit from – whether it’s key lifestyle tweaks, supplement hacks, dietary changes, being stronger in the face of disease isn’t ‘shelter and wait’ – there’s a whole bunch of ‘act now’. 

So we basically do a show on building resilience and natural defense in our bodies. A back-to-basics masterclass.



Other helpful links:

Join Elisa as she shares her work on Whole Family Wellness: and Healthy Kids Happy Kids: 

You can find her on Instagram @healthykids_happykids and on Facebook


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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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  1. Hi Alexx great episode thank you. Is it possible for you to tell me the name of the allergy treatment you recommended from I think a Dr Jason (someone)? I couldn’t see it in the show notes but sounded really interesting. Thanks again for great podcast!

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