Show #192 – My Chemical-Free House with Corinne Segura


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And onto this week’s show!

I first came across Corinne Segura’s work in a google search. It was 2016, I was in an inflammation cascade that seemed to bring me a new and bizarre symptom every day and I was searching for answers that doctors weren’t able to give me at the time. I suspected our home was the major culprit with water leaks and issues over the years but it was only an inkling at that stage. Coming across work like Corinne’s, someone who’d walked the path of sick building syndrome, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivity and all the rest, she had turned her mess into the study of building biology to be able to support others. She’s been a certified building biologist specialised in North America and Canada for 6 years now after her studies and the level of research she does for clients and her Facebook/Blog community is commendable. I hope you enjoy the show and make the most of the sponsor offer over at 

The questions I asked Corinne:

  1. When did you get sick and what did you notice up to the point where you got a diagnosis? 
  2. What made building a non-toxic tiny house the next logical step for you, and can you talk us through that design and build process and some of the key things you learnt along the way (once you get talking I’ll probably ask some more questions along the way in there) 
  3. How do you plan for and design a home that’s going to be able to STAY mould free? 
  4. How much of the story is about maintenance for example and what does maintenance for a regular sized home look like / what can property owners and renters alike do daily/seasonally/annually/every few years to be proactive in preventing mould growth and water damage? 
  5. What can people who are going into a build or renovation do, to surround themselves with the right people so that the build is done right? 
  6. You obviously would have looked in depth at building materials in your process – what did you find and how did you decide what to use and what not to use? 
  7. You decided to become certified as a building biologist – this is a new term to many: Can you talk about your motivation and what the certification means and how impactful it can be to include a building biologist in home builds, renovations, maintenance and screening for potential homes to rent/buy? 
  8. What is your hope for the building industry in the US and around the world in ensuring we have healthier homes for people into the future? What are some of the more innovative things you’re seeing / the hope you have for evidence of things improving/people’s awareness levels rising in the importance of avoiding and repairing water damage and poor air flow management? 


Other helpful links:

To find out more about Corinne and her wonderful work on healthy, chemical-free building and interiors: 

You may also join her on Facebook.

Find me on the Instagram @lowtoxlife and @_alexxstuart

And Corinne mentions these resources during the interview: 

Matt Rasinger:

Paula Baker Laporte’s Book (which she is currently in the throes of revision for a 2nd edition):

Cheryl Cieko’s course “Building a safe home”:


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  1. Thank you so much for all of your information!
    I am trying to pick a carpet and having a hard time deciding on the air o. by mohawk as it is not esthetically pleasing or as soft as the Strand by Mohawk. Can you please let me know what the Stand has in it that would make it more toxic and any other thoughts about it and why you would not choose it.

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