Show #195 – Teen periods with author of “Fix your Period” Nicole Jardim


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And onto this week’s show!

An important women’s health topic this week: Author of “Fix your Period” Nicole Jardim was born to help women and girls with their periods. A health coach in the true sense of the word, she is supportive, positive, and can-do, full of solutions drawing on all the best science and research available to us today.

In this interview, we discuss tween/teen periods – everything from conversations and resources to share with your kids, factors for establishing a healthy cycle in body and mind, right through to racial and class injustice when it comes to health care for girls around the world. It’s a super helpful show for people who need this in their life right now. I hope you enjoy it and Nicole’s book ‘Fix Your Period’ for girls and women at any age and stage before menopause, to make friends with their cycle, not see their periods as enemy No1.


The questions I asked Nicole:

  1. Establishing your monthly cycle as a girl – what’s normal/when to reach out to a practitioner/biggest factors that support establishing a healthy cycle? 
  2. What do we know about different cultures and potential disadvantages girls are still experiencing today when it comes to their period? (I am working so hard to focus on wider representation so if you can speak to this at all, re poverty, POCs, ethnicities where there is shame around it and how we can support the communities that need it to give girls greater freedom) 
  3. Normalising medical discussions with daughters – what are some of the best ways we can have our daughters/nieces/students know they can speak freely and openly about their cycles? 
  4. As we go into our teens what are some of the things that are most likely to throw our cycles out of whack? (Environmental toxins from perfumes, mold, sex hormone imbalances, etc) 
  5. How is the regularity of our period indicative or linked to our overall health? 
  6. Hormonal acne as it relates to our periods: How to change the default from being the contraceptive pill to ‘manage’ the skin? 
  7. Contraception: How can we help our teens understand all the options and choose what’s best for their health and for avoiding pregnancy?
  8. If a teen or young woman has been put on the pill and they learn information that has them second guessing that decision, what is the safest way to come off and restore a healthy cycle? 
  9. Biggest tips for making friends with your cycle, its phases, and your energy and actions throughout? 
  10. Fave foods for healthy cycles – and does this change cycle phase depending?

Other helpful links:

To know more about Nicole and her wonderful works: and

And if you fancy taking the Period Quiz: Nicole’s Period Quiz –

Her book, “Fix Your Period” is also available in Booktopia

You can find her on Instagram @nicolemjardim and on Facebook


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