Show #199 – Dale Bredesen: Progress in the World of Alzheimer’s Disease


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And onto this week’s show!

So many of you loved Dale Bredesen’s first interview last year, show #143 for you to go back and listen to the “Alzheimer’s 101” interview so that you’re up to speed for today’s show. I just had to invite him back given he has produced a wonderful program to nurture and protect our brains as well as to support the reversal of cognitive decline. Amazing times to be living in, right?

Dale E. Bredesen, MD, is internationally recognized as an expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and the author of the New York Times bestseller The End of Alzheimer’s (Avery, 2017). He held faculty positions at UCSF, UCLA, and the University of California, San Diego, and directed the Program on Aging at the Burnham Institute before coming to the Buck Institute in 1998 as its founding president and CEO. He is currently a professor at UCLA. I hope you enjoy today’s discussion about the latest treatment and reversal developments as well as the additional diagnostic factors coming into play for this disease that takes so many beautiful brains from people and their loved ones. It’s time to tell a new story on cognitive decline now that we know we can do something to both prevent and reverse it. Head over to the show notes for the sponsor offer and further details on Dale’s work and books, Alexx x

The questions I asked Dale:

  • Have you broadened the things you look out for – biomarkers and their target values/optimal range – since developing the cognoscopy (which for people just catching up, is a set of blood tests and an online assessment to identify any risks)? 
  • You’ve expanded classification of the Alzheimer’s subtypes which we spoke about in detail last time – updated to include glycotoxic, vascular, and traumatic. Can we take a look at each of these, what they are, and who they affect?
  • What led you to decide to publish the program you use in your own clinic and clinical research for all to see and who is the team behind it?
  • Everyone’s gonna want to know: What does the diet plan look like? You’ve developed a food pyramid that looks a bit different for the brain, right?
  • This is for decline reversal but also for people keen on a preventative approach? Does one size fit all or are there bioindividual factors that require different approaches depending on what is going on for the patient perhaps in another area (basically want to look at “but what if there’s no gallbladder? What if genetically/for some other reason the person digests proteins and carbs really well but not fats… would love to look at a couple of scenarios like this…
  • Now… this is something we did talk about a little last time but it seems they have a great name now: dementogens, the toxic contributors to cognitive decline that we are exposed to daily. I have been raising the alarm bells on the prevalent mould and water damage issue for a while now since I was affected and we talked about that a bit last time… What are some other key toxins implied in Alzheimer’s? Assuming many people have been exposed to at least a couple of these over time, what have you found to be the most effective ways to set a patient up for effective detoxification? Can you share a case where one of these dementogens was removed from their surrounds and they detoxed and this had a big impact?
  • There has been some incredible new research to support what holistic dentists I know have been saying for years: Your mouth is attached to your body: It is always giving us clues! Where are things at with oral health and Alzheimers? 
  • We’ve all heard the term “microbiome”  but “holobiome” perhaps not – what is it? How is it important to Alzheimer’s?
  • What are your views on supplementation? How much/what can someone do safely themselves without practitioner guidance?
  • If people could do one thing in this coming week to improve their cognitive health: What is something you’d love to issue the listeners today to do?

Other helpful links:

For more deets Dale and his work:

His book “The End of Alzheimer’s” is available in Booktopia and The Book Depository along with his other wonderful book “The End of Alzheimer’s Program”

Join him on Instagram @drdalebredesen and on Facebook

For more information about the “cognoscopy” testing, which is a comprehensive group of tests to determine what measures can be taken to improve any cognitive decline markers that become apparent when you’ve had the testing done. I’ve hyperlinked the test list there, but you can also head to Apollo Health, Dale’s clinic website for more information.

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