Show #202 – Michael Arterberry on Being Encouraged and Encouraging Others


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And onto this week’s show!

If ever there was something we needed this year – for ourselves and to give to others, it’s encouragement. Enter this week’s guest who popped into my inbox just as I was looking for a guest to encourage us all regardless of the challenges in our lives! Michael Arterberry, Master Encourager, and Dynamic Motivational Speaker.

As a teenager, Michael was fortunate to receive guidance from positive adult role models who helped him overcome adversities and set high expectations for his future. Grateful for the role these mentors played in his own development, Michael decided to dedicate his professional life to helping people navigate the difficulties of life and launch their future into motion. For more than 25 years, he has been helping teens and adults to use what they have gone through as a catalyst for success rather than an obstacle for failure.

Michael received the 2010 USA Network’s Characters Unite Award for exceptional commitment to combating prejudice and discrimination while increasing tolerance and acceptance within the community. He is also the recipient of the 2014 100 Men of Color Award for leadership in 

In 2008, Michael founded Youth Voices Center, Inc. a non-profit with the mission of helping young people to become active, productive members of society by overcoming their obstacles, their history, stereotypes and even their own self-image and limiting beliefs.

Michael is the author of “Be Encouraged: 250 Days of Motivation and Encouragement”, a daily motivational book and in today’s chat we talk about his life, how he overcame the obstacles he faced, and how he used that to help countless others write a new story for their futures. I know you’re going to enjoy it as much as I did!

The Questions I asked Michael:

  1. Life wasn’t always easy for you Michael, was it? 
  2. As I was snooping through your stuff to prepare for this interview, you speak about the great fortune of positive mentors – do you sometimes wonder what it would have been like without them? 
  3. What made you want to turn that formative mentoring into a career on the same path supporting others? 
  4. How do you combat prejudice and discrimination in your work? 
  5. Where do you see teenagers most often come unstuck? 
  6. How can we best support them? 
  7. What are our teens who are minority groups face in addition to the challenges of journeying into adulthood? 
  8. How can we heal some of the trauma we experience as children? 
  9. What do you feel are the key elements that bring a teen/young adult into a sense of purpose/worth it/validity? 
  10. So we become adults and one day we say to ourselves: Oh crap. I’ve realised I am not where I wanted to be; I don’t know why; can’t seem to get motivated; something wrong with me? how best should we start to unpack this, whether it happens at 30, 40, 50, or beyond? 
  11. How do we turn what we see as our biggest stressors/misfortunes into a springboard for better days? 
  12. You listen to a lot of people and you hear a subtext of ‘poor me’ victim vibes… how do we go from feeling life is happening TO us, and MAKE IT happen instead? 

Other helpful links:

Michael is the author of “Be Encouraged: 250 Days of Motivation and Encouragement”, a daily motivational book.

To know more about Michael and his works:

You can also find him on Facebook

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