Show #205 – Building Resilience with Dr Brett Hill


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And onto this week’s show!

I’ve known this week’s guest for years and been on his podcast, and when I heard Dr Brett Hill had been spending the past few years on the topic of emotional resilience after a life event that floored him – a marriage ending suddenly and not by his choosing – I wanted to bring this topic onto the show, given such events and their aftermath can be such a stressful time in our lives and also how Brett shows, they can be a catalyst for huge personal growth and our best times yet ahead.

This is a very useful show to understand the impact of a relationship break up better, but also to take a look at what can help us grow emotional resilience as one of the ultimate tools in our low tox lives. 

The questions I asked Brett:

  1. Do you feel as a health professional, there was/is a certain pressure to always be well mentally and physically? What happened for you when you weren’t? 
  2. Why do we have difficulty being honest with ourselves do you think? 
  3. A lot of us can default to hating on ourselves and being very unkind to ourselves sith our internal self-talk… You’re pretty passionate about the importance of self love. Is that something you felt you had to learn to do, love yourself? Culturally it doesn’t really sound like something your average bloke is brought up to cultivate for oneself, right? 
  4. what did you reach for first?
  5. 2020 feels like a bit of a spiral sometimes. It’s all too easy to snap at a partner, overthink things or go into dark places on the internet, feel a sense of doom… challenging life events in an ordinary year can also do it and you can speak from a really personal place on this one… What have you been through and how did you ensure you didn’t completely spiral? 
  6. How important is it, when climbing back from big personal challenges, that we lose expectations of how we or how life should be in that moment? 
  7. You talk about connecting to your why and a sense of purpose – how does this help us feel like we’re in the driver’s seat? 
  8. When you go through something like a breakdown, panic attacks, depression, chronic illness, big break up… what do you believe are the key ways to rebuild your life and regain a sense of control? 
  9. And the importance of believing in miracles: what gives you a sense of hope? A spiritual connection to infinite possibility?

Other helpful links:

Know more about Dr Brett Hill and his work: 

His book “Rock Bottom”:

He also offers mentoring. Learn the secrets of resilience – 100% FREE for the FIRST 30 DAYS

Join him on Instagram @drbretthill and on Facebook.

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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet


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