Show #207 – “Use it All” – Making the most of your food with Alex Elliott-Howery


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And on this week’s show!

Something like food waste isn’t a very sexy front page story on the topic of global warming, but if you made food waste a country, according to Project Drawdown research, it would be the 3rd largest emitters behind China and the USA. True story. So food waste is huge, but then the modern person busy with a calendar full of to do’s, sometimes finding it hard to get something on the table for dinner let alone a ‘considered’ meal on the table asks: What can my little house do about the fact that of all food produced, the world wastes between 30-40% of it? Well, a lot. Enter Alex Elliott-Howery, founder of Cornersmith and author of her new and 3rd book “Use it all”. Alex has devised a unique and powerful way for everyone to get really comfortable with using it all up and I was so thrilled to discuss a deep passion topic of mine personally, with a leader in the Aussie field of making food waste reduction an appealing and clever thing for us all to do. Remember the saying “It’s just 1 straw, said 8 billion people?” Well, same is true of food waste. Start where you are, do something, and as a collective we can dramatically change the story around food, grow our respect for it, our connection to it, and become clever, resourceful cooks (which means less stress in the kitchen!) SOUND LIKE A PLAN? 

Enjoy! Alexx x

The questions I asked Alex:

  1. Were you always a scratch cook/waste-reducing ninja or was this something that came over time as an awakening? 
  2. Why was it not satisfying enough to do things for yourself at home – when did the business become an idea? 
  3. Let’s talk about food waste given your new book is called “Use it all”: Why don’t we talk about food waste enough? It is the 3rd largest emitter behind the US and China if it were to be a country: Why are we just talking about plastic spoons at the canteen!?!? (while important of course but HELLO?!) 
  4. Scratch cooking/low waste scrounging around and making a feast out of scraps is a daunting task mentally to many – can we unpack some of the cultural/habitual/lifestyle reasons we’re so terrible at this/uninspired as a general collective, to do more with our food? 
  5. Top 3 things you’d love people to realise really aren’t so hard when it comes to “using it all”  – what can we start this week!?
  6. What have you been most surprised about as you’ve refined and expanded your knowledge of just how much we can do to stretch our food? 
  7. What do you think it does for the human spirit to tune into the value of food on a much deeper level as we do when we stop wasting and starting using it all? 
  8. How much do you teach your kids the ins and outs of using it all?
  9. Busy people: What are your best tips for the busy peeps to make a success of this in the long term, not just a gung-ho 2 weeks of perfection and then a ‘relapse’. 

Other helpful links:

Know more about Alex and their work:

Grab a copy of the all-new “Use It All”  book and the Cornersmith

Follow her on Instagram @alexelliotthowery and on Facebook.

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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet


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