Show #217 – Jo Whitton, Quirky Cooking on Deep Healing through Food


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And on this week’s show!

This week on the show a dear friend joins me to discuss openly and honestly what it is to really struggle with yours and your child’s health, how surrounding yourself with supportive people and practitioners is key and then we go on to have delicious chats about Christmas festivities, our menu plans, cooking from scratch to success and more. Jo Whitton is an author, businesswoman, and founder of popular health and cooking platform, Quirky Cooking. Growing up, Jo struggled with chronic health issues. As she watched her children grow up, she noticed that they struggled with similar health conditions and began to research ways in which they could improve their health, through a whole-food and low-allergen diet. In 2008, Jo created her blog, Quirky Cooking, as an outlet to document and share her learnings about healing with whole foods. Quickly, Jo became known for her honest approach to health and life, and Quirky Cooking became a go-to platform for easy and delicious recipes. She is the bestselling author of 2 cookbooks already with a 3rd due out next year. 

The questions I asked Jo:

  1. How has this year been for you guys up there Jo? 
  2. I know you’ve told this story a thousand times but how did your journey to healing through foods play out for you and your family? (let’s just spend 5-10 mins tops on this cause I can direct them to a show you’ve done with the full versions so that we have time to cover everything else…) 
  3. At what point for yourself and your son did you realise: ‘whole foods’ are not enough here… we’re going to need to do something more. 
  4. How do we find the foods that are healing to us – one man’s healing is another man’s kryptonite sometimes, and there are just so many things you can try: How did you navigate that confusion for yourselves? 
  5. Did you, even as a great, creative cook, find it challenging to tweak your meal plans and bring healing foods into your diet 
  6. Now I want to also talk more generally about things you’re so good at supporting people with: A lot of people think they can’t afford whole foods and it can feel that way – it’s $8 for a small bag of organic almonds but say $3 for a tray of BBQ FLAVOURED rice crackers: How do we do whole foods without blowing the budget? 
  7. A lot of people feel stressed by cooking, preparing non stop meals and snacks for their families: What do you think are the biggest shifts people can make to alleviate that stress? 
  8. How important is it to have community support when we’re trying to create big shifts as a person or as a family? 
  9. The end of the year is coming as we record this, what are some traditions you guys have as a family and community to celebrate the holidays? 
  10. Book one has inspired many and we know there’s a book 2: When’s it coming? 

About Jo:

Jo lives in Far North Queensland, Australia, where she works from home and enjoys the country life. She is passionate about sharing how to transition to a traditional, healing, whole food diet, as she has experienced first hand the life-changing health benefits of eating this way. She loves helping families reduce the overwhelm caused by chronic health issues, guiding them towards simple diet and lifestyle changes that will heal and nourish, one small step at a time.

Other helpful links:

Know more about Jo and her work here:

Q&A with her son Isaac on Helping Teens Heal

Find her on Instagram @jowhitton and Facebook


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