Show #218 – Dr Carrie Jones on Mitochondria, Hormones and Celebrations


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And on this week’s show!

Dr Carrie Jones is a Naturopathic Physician with a Master’s in Public Health having over 12 years in the field of functional and integrative medicine. She is the medical director of Precision analytical, the creators of the Dutch Test – a hormone test with a difference. Carrie is back on the show, this time talking about mitochondria and celebrating – those bumps in the road that if our mitochondria are in good shape, we can bounce back, but if not, we need to pay them attention, nurture them and get them working better. Mitochondria are essentially our energy batteries, powering various functions of the cell and organism as a whole – aka, very important! Enjoy the final show of the Low Tox Life podcast for 2020. Thank you for listening, sharing, and letting me know of all the aha-s that occur as a part of this show existing. I appreciate you and love showing up each week to share the incredible wisdom of our experts each week, Alexx x

The questions I asked Carrie:

  1. You’re obsessed with Mitochondria at the moment providing a tonne of resources for people to look after their mighty mitos at the moment: I think we should start here because it’s relevant to the impact of excesses and stressors, right? 
  2. Mito 101: What do we need to know? 
  3. How do we know when there’s something up with our mitochondria? 
  4. An acute assault vs chronic: How are they affected? 
  5. So when I’ve been hit badly by mould, say at a friend’s house for dinner whose place is water damaged and the next day I try to go for a challenging walk, is this why my body feels like it is Steve Martin in that Three Amigos scene where he’s chained up in El Guapo’s prison and he’s trying to walk across the room in chains saying ‘gonna make it, gonna make it’ and he keeps not making it? Hehe. 
  6. What needs to be happening at the deepest level of recovery and healing, for our mitochondria to be nourished and perform? 
  7. Hormones – I don’t want to waste time talking about hormones 101 when peeps can and should head back to show #87 to get up to speed, but I will ask a similar question: acute vs chronic assault on the body: How do our hormones respond (ie whiff of synthetic air freshener at the shops vs living with one plugged in by the bed… or a night at the Office Christmas Party with a few drinks vs 2+ drinks a night every single night… 
  8. 2020 – everyone experiences challenging years…this year is a big collective challenge at the same time: Instead of drowning our sorrows at the virtual christmas parties with one too many homemade margaritas, how can we exit stage left on the collective intensity of the moment, to radically care for ourselves right now? 
  9. Your favourite self-celebration tips to nourish mitochondria + hormones? 
  10. How bad is an indiscretion here and there – a big slice of cake, a night of cocktails, a week of very little sleep? 
  11. Best bouncebacks for acute whoopsies? 
  12. What favourite holiday traditions are you looking forward to? 

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