Show #219 – The Body Electric with Dr Melina Roberts


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And on this week’s show!

How much do you know about the electrical system of the body? Do you know whether yours is working optimally, why it may not be, and what to do about it? In this year’s first show, I invite Dr Melina Roberts back on the show after a great chat about gut health last year on show #201, to talk about the electrical system in the body, what the relevance of ph balance, minerals, electrolytes are as well as the top contributing factors to achieving optimal heart rate variability – a sign your autonomic nervous system is working well. It was a fascinating chat where we dove into exercise types, the No1 thing you want out of your water, and much, much more. Enjoy the show and head over to the show notes for more details and to join the Low Tox Club. 

The questions I asked Melina:

  1. Electricity and body 101: What do we need to know? 
  2. What can interfere with electrical conductivity throughout the body and how does this affect the way our body functions? (Can we talk about peri menopause and palpitations for example, or EMFs and ectopic heart\beats? Mould and electric shocks? Other examples… I think people would find this really interesting.
  3. When we think of the heartbeat: Sometimes it beats fast/slow acutely due to either sleep (slower) or fast (exercise) but what makes our heartbeat chronically faster or slower and when should we be concerned? 
  4. How can we know if our electrical conductivity is not functioning optimally in terms of symptoms we might be experiencing? 
  5. Three things we can do to improve our electrical conductivity. 
  6. What do minerals and electrolytes have to do with optimising our electrical conductivity?
  7. How does time in nature technically help us restore optimal EC?

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