Show #222 – Beth O’Hara: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome


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And on this week’s show!

Reacting to everything? Itchy itchy scratchy scratchy? Maybe you can’t sleep? Wired and unable to calm down? Everything sore and achy all the time? Brain feeling like you have to pass through thick mud to form a clear thought and action? This week continuing our health series, I interview a naturopathic practitioner who I believe is going to transform the lives of thousands with her work on mast cell activation syndrome and chronic environmentally acquired illness.

Beth O’Hara. Beth is a naturopathic practitioner from Ohio, USA, and has not only studied MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome), but she has lived it with a seriously challenging personal health journey of her own.

We talk about that journey in today’s show, as well as MCAS, Histamine intolerance/excess, skin conditions, lyme, mold, electromagnetic fields, and chemical sensitivity, as well as looking at contributing factors to healing including supplements, nervous system repair, and more. Please do share this episode if you know anyone who has experienced strange, seemingly unrelated symptoms or who is chronically unwell, as I truly believe this show will support them on their way – as I hope it does you if that’s you! 

The questions I asked Beth:

  • First up, let’s dive right in: What are Mast cells, what is MCAS and how do we know we may be experiencing this to some degree in our lives? How do we know when it’s the syndrome and not just mast cells arching up every now and then? 
  • An important one for people to know: How do we differentiate between MCA and histamine intolerance? 
  • I’d love you to briefly give a rundown of how you’ve been challenged by this in your own life, what hitting rock bottom meant for you and how you got to where you are today as a naturopath, now so committed to supporting others through their journeys with it. 
  • What are the major root causes you’ve seen in the research emerging, either in someone’s genetics or their environment or lifestyle habits? 
  • What is the science telling us about EMFs and MCAS? 
  • Why, if someone has mast cell issues, are there different times in women’s cycles that symptoms can be more pronounced? 
  • Often when people move a few steps forward, it can be so disheartening when they have a flare-up? What are the most common reasons for flare-ups and what is your go-to SOS plan? (I’ll share mine too!)
  • Once you have a tendency for the syndrome flare-ups – is it reversible or kind of ‘dormant’ and you have to live life with caution from that initial presentation? 
  • How is the brain/immune response disoriented in MCAS, creating a catch 22 where it can’t be aware without sounding big alarms in response to environmental or lifestyle challenges? 
  • What are some of your favourite brain calming exercises to ensure the nervous system chooses calm over chaos? 
  • You have so many helpful resources on this topic: Can you talk us through a couple of key ones if people have listened today and felt they wanted to connect with your work? 
  • Hives? Weird, big reactions 

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