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And on this week’s show!

Ever experienced pain? 

Have a pain in your back that won’t go away? 

How about your elbow? 

Having a range of chronic issues with muscles, joints, swelling that won’t leave you alone? 

Well, it turns out one of the least effective things you can do is chase that pain – the answer is often in a bigger picture look at your body, emotions, the way you’re moving – the lack of movement. Dr Perry Nickelston, a Chiropractic physician trained in multiple disciplines thereafter over two decades, joins me today from “Stop Chasing Pain” to go full detective on your pain and chronic issues and look at the largest contributing factors that could be driving them. We discuss cell health, detoxification efficacy, conventional treatments, eastern treatment, and even what we all might do to start cultivating greater ease of movement, less pain, and injuries from what we drink in the morning to the best way to sit or spend a minute’s spare time.  

Enjoy the show!

The questions I asked Perry:

  • What’s your personal relationship with pain in your life? 
  • Pain is a request for change: Sometimes it’s a quick fix with your chiropractor, something that’s simply out of whack but sometimes it persists and demands deeper attention: When you became a trainer, a chiropractor, there was still much to learn that had you arrive where you are today educating people on pain recovery and deep healing: What are some of the biggest impacting pieces of healing from pain that you’ve discovered in your studies to support people over the years? 
  • You have a “Core 4 System Evaluation” that brings your stop chasing pain/start chasing systems to life for finding people’s underlying reasons for pain: is that something we can all take ourselves through at home or can you explain this evaluation method and point us toward resources on SCP? 
  • Emotional healing and physical healing go together: How do you see this play out for people in their healing stories? 
  • If healing from pain is so much more than just treating the symptom/pain point, then where the heck do we start? 
  • Can we do a couple of 101’s at this point on the various tissues in the body? On the lymphatic system and on blood and blood flow and tie them into the pain conversation? 
  • Can we go through some of the most common pain complaints and talk through some of the ways you help people unpack these complaints/chronic pain histories and start healing through exercise, nutrition, physical and emotional healing? 
  • What do you say to the person who has all the best intentions but seems to get struck down with a new injury every time they hit the gym, court, or playing field? 
  • You’re a huge fan of the vagus nerve as we should all be and teach on this all too important health promoter – what can we do to actively support it? 
  • Movement: People get so confused about how we need to exercise and I love your “exercise is optional, movement is essential”: can you talk us through that? 
  • How about if we want the cherry on top: Increasing strength, cardiovascular fitness? 
  • What does a day in the life of your family look like, as a preventative pain lifestyle? 

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Find him on Instagram @stopchasingpain and on Facebook.

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  1. This is the first podcast from you I have listened to. All I can say is WOW! Very informative.
    Is there a printout of this that I can read.
    Listening is one thing, but my brain works better if I can read it.
    Thank you for providing this podcast and its resources.

    1. Post

      Hi Marion, so glad you loved it. Sorry, I don’t have a transcription. I recommend sitting down with a notepad and taking notes 🙂

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